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Aelthai -> =Dev= Quest for the Dragon Blade (11/19/2011 0:51:59)

A long, long time ago, the Quest for the Dragon Blade was released. Many of you have done it many, many, many times trying to find the Dragon Blade, and know that (despite the 25% chance), it could be very elusive.

You no longer have to do that if you want the Dragon Blade (though you can if you want to!). You can now fight the 8 Essences of the Elemental Dragons instead. This is 8 CEB dragons in a row (I did give you a heal in between each, though). If you survive, the Dragon Blade will recognize you as worth to bear it, and accompany you.

In addition, the Dragon Blade has been upgraded. This actually went live Thursday, but it was *not* available in the Quest for the Dragon Blade until the updated quest went live. The new Dragon Blade is designed to be slightly worse than the Blade of Awe when untriggered, a little better than the Blade of Awe when triggered against Drakel and Dragonkin (but not a part of the Awe set), and significantly better than the Blade of Awe when used against Dragons. This means that, yes - it follows the element that you have set in the Guardian Tower, just like the Blade of Awe does.

There is also a new Dragon Staff to go along with the Blade, Spear, Bow, and Scepter.

Oh, and fair warning: The Dragon Blades use unstabilized Dragonsbane to achieve their effects.

Oh, almost forgot to mention - If you go to the Void, there are new monsters there. Be careful! They are nasty!

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