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Level: 1-100
Price: $20 (Or $65 if bought all at once)
Sellback: 0 Nova Gems
Location: Dragonguard Bonus Offer

Equip Slot: Head
Damage Type: Dragonfire
Damage: Scaled
Hits: 4
Energy: Scaled
Cooldown: 5
Bonuses: None
Special Effects:
  • Hit 1: "Dragon's Roar", Defense BoT for 6 turns
  • Hit 2: "Dragon's Eye", Bonus BoT for 6 turns
  • Hit 3: "Dragon's Tooth", Boost BoT for 6 turns.
  • Hit 4: "Dragon's Fear", Bonus NoT for 6 turns.

    Combos: None

    Description: The combined effects of Dragon's Eye, Tooth, and Roar give you, the Superior Dragonguard, an assortment of bonuses while decreasing the effectiveness of your enemy! This weapon levels up with you to level:100
    Image: Dragonhelm, Attacking!

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