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Eye Spy
Homely Eye Spy

«Mastercraft Earth pet. Has the damage of a Beastmaster pet, with a non-Beastmaster Training Difficulty. Deals more damage depending on how many pieces of the set you wear.»

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    Level: 45
    Power Level: 45, Mastercraft
    CHA Level: 45
    Price: 2,576 225
    Sellback: 1,288 112
    Location: Today's Event: Morningstar Set! The Morningstar Clan!

    Element: Earth
    Training Difficulty: -66

    Rate at -66 CHA: 67%
    Rate at 0 CHA: 100%

    ATTACK #1
    Hits: 1
    Type: Melee
    Element: Earth
    Damage: 6-18 plus 238.4% Stats
    BTH: 11 plus Stats
    Rate: 66.(6)% (When attacking)

    ATTACK #2
    Hits: 2
    Type: Ranged
    Element: Earth
    Damage: 6-16 plus 208.6% Stats each
    BTH: 11 plus Stats each
    Rate: 33.(3)% (When attacking)

    The pet deals 99% damage, and gains +1% damage for each piece of the Morningstar set you wear (armor, weapon and helm).

    Whatever else this may be, it certainly isn't beautiful!


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image thanks to UltraGuy. Description thanks to AVA. Write-up thanks in part to AVA.


    A Mastercraft pet; it has the Stat bonus of a Beastmaster pet and Training Difficulty of a non-Beastmaster pet.

    Starts out as 8-23 plus 298% Stats, with 11 BTH.
  • Attack 1 is a common, weaker attack that deals 80% damage.
  • Attack 2 is a rare and powerful attack that deals 140% damage. Since there are 2 hits, each hit deals 50% damage.

    On average, these attacks deal (2/3)*80% + (1/3)*140% = 100% damage.
    As an added feature, the pet gains 1% damage for each piece of Morningstar set you have equipped, but to compensate for this, it starts out dealing 99% damage. With the full set it ends up at 102% damage.

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