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ScytheOfShadows -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:20:02)

If we gotta use level 1s to kill all bosses in game, then what's the point of buying new mecha and levelling up? As what Cysero said, to make a good omelette we gotta break a few legs. We could re-release one rare at one point in game yearly that's fine with me. Otherwise, if OP rares are never to be created again, then the new players will never be up to standard as old players. And since old players are usual patrons of our beloved MQ forums and making suggestions for new monsters, then we will have enemies too strong for the new bunch, get it?

Maybe we COULD re-release an SCMM or something powerful but it's all boiling down to the staff to see if they approve of it. But for me, higher levelled Necryptos weapons and Ace Cards should be the minimum for me, along with a rare like Lucky Nubertron or the Sparkle Tank for level 40/45.

Master Merlin -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:20:23)

The Blundergats definitely. They really aren't that overpowered, and just a means of gaining extra credits/exp. Plus the quest they had was insanely arduous to the point of wanting to smash your keyboard in anger...

I would be kind of annoyed if Eagle and Pirate came back without the non rare versions being available in the shop yet, but at the same time thrilled since they are completely amazing. AvP equipment was done once already, I really don't see the point of it unless higher level versions are made and/or different equipment than last time comes out. And I understand about not wanting even more power inflation, but it is only for one day, and the rares will be NG only. It's not like the general population is being handed the best equipment on a silver platter *cough* Zorbo *cough*. That being said, some rares should be obviously out of the question, but I could see at least the Mech Fryers being on sale since they weren't available this year at all Nevermind, they're back after all.

Edit: @Above: I agree with you, but Cysero is not exactly the best person to be quoting about rares...

PD -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:24:36)


If we gotta use level 1s to kill all bosses in game, then what's the point of buying new mecha and levelling up?

What kind of storyline mandated enemy is so hard that it can't be beaten unless you stunlock or make it hurt itself to win, or output damage that is standard for theoretical level 107?

And as for Credit Increasing weapons, that would definitely spark an inflated economy. (SUPPLY AND DEMAND BABY)

Master Merlin -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:29:34)

Even with the SC credit boost, it still takes a little less than a hundred enemies defeated to buy a single mech. I doubt 20% (for using an average at best weapon) more credits would make a huge difference. The only reason I want the Blundergat myself is that I need an EP damaging back arm.

stealthwings -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 19:47:17)

PD, I notice you are saying that you want the rare YOU are missing, but all the rares you have but nobody else does should not return.

What I want, is the energy drill. And the aegis and the eagle, but I know they are never coming back.

PD -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 20:02:54)


PD, I notice you are saying that you want the rare YOU are missing, but all the rares you have but nobody else does should not return.

Why does that qualify me as a hypocrite? Is it bad to avert skewering the game's balance? And have you ever considered the fact that the forums are the top .1% of player power? Our opinions and inventories shouldn't influence what happens, yet it does.

Doesn't mean that I'm a hypocrite. I want the people who got them originally, (like me), to have them; If people could get reasonably powerful rares because they didn't get to have them because they didn't have the time before or didn't find out about MQ sooner, that's fine because it wouldn't hurt nor adjust the metagame. But if what they're asking for breaks the game by adjusting the balance by raing difficulty to spite everyone else, then I'd do away with the request. In fact, I don't even have half the things on my list. (I don't have the Mecha Fryers, The Web Cannons, The Shadow Purges, any promo (DG doesn't count), Only 2 of the 2010 40J rares, the clown, the original balldrop). I said I only wanted the Shadow purge but do not want it in the event because it would be disastrous to the game's balance. Unless you can confirm your conspiracy theory that I'm just trying to spite everyone else and make myself better, then there's no correlation nor connection.

Energy drill is fine due to every recent enemy having 100 Resistance and high dodge (As well as inherent irresistible status), so it's basically schmuck for you, and everyone else. :P

On a side note, come to think about it, the raider isn't that great anymore due to the inherent enemy bonus bonus. Most of it's specials are nerfs anyways. :P

stealthwings -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 20:10:34)

Did I say you were a hypocrite?

And I did not realize you lacked that stuff. But still, the system you propose of making everything bad (In comparison to how it is now) in the future does seem to benefit you the most. Of course, the system I propose benefits me, we all seek self-benefit. But I maintain that rares (Which stay rare) are the problem, NOT power inflation. That is where we differ.

Energy drill, I want it for my own reasons. I don't think it would break game balance in the average person's hands.

PD -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 20:14:24)

I never said make things bad. I said to standardize. Standardize doesn't mean weaken - It means giving everything a correct and true value that's not open to interpretation. What part of standardize makes you think that it makes everything weaker?

And how would adjusting everything help me? How does that benefit me when I seek standardize EVERYTHING, including what I have. When I mean everything, I mean even the rares, even the nova gems, and even the "entitlements" will be standardized. There's no backdrop in it for me nor for everyone else because everyone's items are linked together. Meaning the same rare that you have that I have are the same ones that everyone else has.

We can argue about our differences in another thread. I wish to go back and argue that the things in the list is not making everyone weaker. It doesn't change a thing at all because NOTHING WILL HAPPEN WHEN THOSE AREN'T AVAILABLE.

Master Merlin -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 20:33:28)

When something is usually blatantly overpowered on purpose, it is stated never to be released again and is probably not going to anyway. Such as the Zorbo (though it did come back again, much to my dismay). Other things like the eagle were from an age where enemies did a hundred damage at maximum and reflecting them wasn't that big of a deal. How where they to know that they would be so godly against Piotr, Teravolt, etc.? I understand PD's point of view, but some of these restrictions are too fanatical*. Nova Gem weapons are suppose to be insane, since they are basically the best of the best (see DF's new Black Friday Shop, pretty much the most overpowered wings in game). Only a small population has them, so what is the matter if they are rereleased one day of the year? The problem comes when overpowered equipment, SC or NSC, that is easily purchaced by credits is made available again. I am adamantly against any SCMM being reincarnated in their current form, for instance, but support them being released with weaker specials and a name change. If I were you, PD, I would be more concerned about what they plan to release in the SC shop than these NG rarities.


stealthwings -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 20:52:41)

So you do seek to rebalance old rares? Sorry, I did not realize this. I thought you sought to keep them gone but keep them the way they were.

Then that is different. I am going to think about that system. It would probably be impossible to accomplish, and would piss a lot of people off, but it would probably be better.

Undead archmage 1 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 20:59:22)

I say the astromorph or master blaster

Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 21:05:20)

Just saying, it doesn't seem smart to mention SCMM because last year the staff stated that they would not be avalible.

Astromorph? I believe you mean AUTOmorph.

Astroking112 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 21:08:11)

Either that, or they made a mecha semi-after me? [:D] If so, then forget the Eagle! [;)]

ScytheOfShadows -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 21:39:42)

But anyone still remembers any perma-rares that aren't too OP. IMO Lucky Nubertron was one of them. It had some massive damage potential and all but sadly it lacked any other stats. A level 45 version would be swell.

And enough with arguing about OP mecha. Why don't everyone start thinking about what higher-leveled in-game non rare weapons should be released? I opt for the Ace Card series or Solar Mace(The one with the Life Tap and damage against non-vampires)

Maegwyn -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 22:07:53)

We're seriously interested in everyone's opinion - so for example don't assume that a Chronomech would be impossible. I've heard several people mention Warbear on IRC and facebook, but no one so far here on the forums (unless I skimmed too quickly). Keeping in mind that anything like that would be (as noted in the first post) a Nova Gem purchase, and would get some kind of difference in the name so that the people with the original would still have something showing that they were there for the original...

I haven't been talking about rebalancing old rares so I don't know where that came from...

mechquestlord -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 22:17:41)

i always did want to have a spin in one of those pirate captian mechas...

Megadragonknight -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 22:34:59)

Sorry if i am very greedy but i want all the SCMM to be re-released and so is the last year maypril mech (its appearance looks like the toy robot)! I haven't got the chance to get them yet as i was star captain just last year on october please do re-release them please.

Astroking112 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 22:41:06)

If so, should I pick up a LvL 45 Imbiber, or LvL 45 Eagle to beat the Necryptos-X challenges? And, if the SCMMs were re-released, they would have to be one of the rare NG&SC items. I really think that that is greedy, though, sorry.

Megadragonknight -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 22:49:47)

Astroking, were you referring to me? If so then nevermind because i am really too greedy, i am just as excited as everyone but i do really want the staff to re-released the SCMMs for just once with higher level version like lvl 43 able to scale to lvl 47 like dharmaph dominator and lethal mechatron. I wish the staff will do it though it will be very toublesome for them i just wish it will re-released again at one go for those players who just started as SC not so long ago. I will be very grateful if they will buy my opinion.

Rai Spellfang -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 23:07:23)

Hmm. If we're talking about the items as they were originally released, I'd rather like to see the Reaper and Strider, two nifty and early-on monthly mechs that while fairly powerful, weren't exactly massive gamebreakers in their own rights.

That said? If we're talking about the subject of re-releasing rares that weren't necessarily originally Nova Gem items as Nova Gem items, unless I'm wrong, that entails creating new versions of the items. If it isn't entirely time-prohibitive, I'd much rather see just the art being reused, and the numbers being redone with the "theme" preserved. There's a lot of older mechs that may have had interesting appearances, but would either be too weak or too strong to make a viable return, even with a Nova cost.

For instance, the all-reviled Warbear could just have its art reused and delight people with its wiggly toes (Seriously. It's the best feature of the mech :p) without having the problems that would come up with bringing back a mech that's still gamebreaking at its given levels.

There was also the Morehawk, which had an interesting look (and it hovered!), but was fairly middle-of-the-pack in power when it was released and given the power creep since, wouldn't be worth nabbing for Nova Gems except as a "trophy"? Could definitely benefit from some sort of adjustments.

I know that all I've mentioned are the monthlies, but considering it's a limited-time event, and these are items that have been rare for more than a year and the game and players have changed a lot since... it seems like such a waste to just write them off, especially if they could just have some sort of revamp done to them.

Destroy8r9 -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (11/30/2011 23:53:01)

if scmm are included count me in for the aegis im just thinking of all the evil things i could do with that thing and maybe also the subzero gaze i just want the head not the mecha well ,maybe the mecha but no ice-ten i may sound greedy but its just way to good like the black cat shouldunt of been rerealesed and you cant go off at me and say i greed ybecause i didnt have it before

AsayakeSnow -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (12/1/2011 0:16:10)

No warbear. Morehawk At level equivalents plz.

ScytheOfShadows -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (12/1/2011 0:30:06)

Something for NSCs(when I say that I mean something for 800/1000 NGs that don't have the SC insignia). That's final. I don't mind if it's OP or anything but as long as it's usable to kill the Mutant Turkey or some of the Yokai Masters.

And cheap, of course.

Glais -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (12/1/2011 2:00:19)

Hm, you know, I'm not exactly sure...AvP mechs would be nice, as somehow I missed the entire war. Selfish reasons of course....The Admiral's cutlass has such a nice design though...

@PD:Ah, I never understood you intended to balance EVERYTHING, I thought you only meant new things which would leave us older players blatantly OP.

Also, Ice Ten, as someone obsessed with Stun builds, it is a disgrace that I don't....wait, that's also selfish reasons >_>

Eh, I don't know, though SCMMs returning sounds somewhat cool, I'd definitely like to pick up the Aegis or WarBear, Aegis was the only SCMM I missed, and WarBear I've always wanted just because. It has a nice design and such.

if by some chance you guys made a higher levelled Mohawk of course....I'd be very happy :P Not that I expect it.

NaturallyMaria -> RE: =MQ= Flavescent Friday - What Do YOU Want? (12/1/2011 2:33:28)

The #1 rare mecha I'd like to see return is the Hoverscythe chassis. I really want a pretty red and black chassis to put all these new Salvage weapons on! The Volt Lance is a close second though, and the Equinox (with updated levels, ala last year's Khael) is a very distant third.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Raider back, if only because the bumblebee colors are so stylish. I think the Eagle is a bit too powerful to ever bring back, but maybe we could have the War Ram instead? It's a huge tease for new players to fight against a War Ram on Lagos, when we can never actually get one of our own.

It'd also be nice to have the GG and Corrupted house mechs available. With the GEARS Games coming up soon, this would be a nice chance to pick them up at an "early bird" discount price.

Some rare weapons I'd like to see back:
[HD] Eagle Stare
[FA] Leaf Blower
[FA] Maypole
[FA] Energy Drill
[BA] Arthurian Crossbow
[BA] Dazzler
[BA] Fireworks Machine
[FS] New Year Slugs
[FS] New Year Fireworks
[BS] New Year Slugs
[BS] New Year Fireworks

Also, some non-rares that I'd like to see discounted, just to remind people that they're available and awesome:
[HD] Dimitri's Glance
[HD] Terrifying Oni
[FA] Tiger Claw
[FA] Dragon Wrath
[BA] Juugeki-Saisa
[FS] Rocket Chainsaw
[FS] Rune of Power
[FS] ShS Trog
[BS] Salvage Pulse Laser
[BS] Rune of Power
[BS] ShS Trog

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