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Peachii -> Swordhaven Marsh (12/2/2011 21:38:01)

Swordhaven Marsh

Location: Swordhaven (Books 1 and 2) -> Up -> Guard Captain -> Marsh, Swordhaven Past -> Up -> Captain James -> Marsh
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: December 2nd, 2011

Objective: The area where the sewers drain is smelly, gross and full of monsters!
Objective completed: The area where the sewers drain is smelly, gross and full of monsters!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Marsh Ant
(X) Mushroom
(X) Tog
(X) Tuskmonger
(3) Tuskmonger - Boss


Rewards - Swordhaven
Missed Wavecrest
Lost Wavecrest
Stray Wavecrest
Wayward Wavecrest

Nalmir's Refined Gift
Nalmir's Paramount Gift
Nalmir's True Gift
Nalmir's Consummate Gift

Missed High Tide
Lost High Tide
Stray High Tide
Wayward High Tide

Missed Deluge
Lost Deluge
Stray Deluge
Wayward Deluge

Jagged Demon Chopper
Dire Demon Chopper
Rugged Demon Chopper

Shattered Blade
Fragmented Blade

Crystal Blue Amulet

Rewards - Swordhaven Past
Cysero's Splintery Stick
Misplaced High Tide

Dull 301st Dagger
Broken Blade
Sharp Demon Chopper

Guard Captain: Hail, adventurer! Perhaps you'd like to be of assistance to the Swordhaven Guard?
Guard Captain: The areas surrounding the city have all manner of ill-tempered bandits and monsters. Would you mind clearing some out?

  • Note: Accessing this quest from Alexander’s story gives low level (five and below) rewards, while the standard quest gives rewards for higher levels.

    Thanks to fxmybrute13 for correction and additional rewards.

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