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Planet Liath: Slate City

Location: Soluna City Museum
Directions: Soluna City Museum -> Val -> Planet Liath / Travel -> Planet Liath

Locations Available:
  • Return to Blimp

    Missions Available:
  • Search for Keys
  • Solve the Door
  • Artifact Hunt
  • Rescue
  • Reclaim City
  • Fix Your Ship
  • Search for Rocks
  • Explore Tunnels
  • And Now What?
  • Distress Call
  • The Opening

    Shops Available:
  • Blimp Shop
  • Zeke NG Weapons
  • Zeke Weapons
  • Zeke Mods

  • Dan
  • Zeke


    Dan: Hey. You must be the guy everyone's talking about. My name is Dan. I was told you're looking for artifacts.

  • Talk
    Dan: I know of an old door that's been locked for as long as anyone here can remember.
    Dan: I'm sure it's hiding all sorts of great stuff. I can show you how to get there but it's locked by 20 keys.
    Dan: If you go there and find all of the keys, I would be happy to help you open it.
    Dan: Your technology is more advanced than ours so you should be better equipped to find them.
    Dan: Maybe with your help we can finally discover the mystery behind that door.

  • Zeke
    Dan: I wouldn't pay much attention to him. He's part of a group of people that are skeptical of everything.
    Dan: He thinks you were to blame for the recent outburst of monsters and doesn't believe our reports of your landing.
    Dan: Maybe if you help us find what's behind the door, he'll realize you're not a threat after all.

    (After collecting 20 Keys)
    Dan: Wow! You found all the keys! For some reason the door isn't unlocking?
    Dan: Maybe there's a trick to the locks. I'll research it and let you know what I find.

    (After finding artifact)
  • Talk
    Dan: That is such a bizarre artifact. I certainly hope it isn't cursed or anything. Just saying.
    Dan: Have you showed that to your friend back on your homeworld? If not you should definitely go and check it out.
    Dan: I'll be curious to hear what she has to say about it.

    New Missions

    Dan: It's great to see you again, <You>!

  • Talk
    Dan: I want to hear about what your friend Val and the House Leaders had to say but first I have some things to tell you about.
    Dan: Remember how I said we hadn't had volcanic activity for a long time? Famous last words...
    Dan: I don't even know if there's a connection or not but here's the thing.
    Dan: After you took the artifact to your homeworld we started to get a lot of rumbling and smoke in the Teo-Airgead Range.
    Dan: At first some of Zeke's group were spreading rumors that you were to blame but he put a stop to that and now no one blames you.
    Dan: Zeke is really glad that you're back and he said he wants to see you later too.
    Dan: Anyway we're all hoping that you can use that fighting machine you have to help us out.
    Dan: The temperature out there makes it too dangerous for our airmen to go on foot for long so if you go down in your machine it will really help a lot.


    Zeke: I have nothing to say to you, freak! As far as I'm concerned, you're the reason these monsters are attacking in the first place.

    (After finding artifact)
    Zeke: Pfft. Sure. Just go ahead and take things that belong to us! I knew I was right to not trust you! Get away from me.
    Zeke: Thanks to you, those monsters have been invading and managed to kidnap some of my friends and no-one's helping them.

    (After rescuing a friend)
    Zeke: You're... actually helping us out? What could you possible be doing that for?

    (After rescuing 5 friends)
    Zeke: I have to say... I may have been wrong about you, <Character>. Thanks for helping out.

  • Talk
    Zeke: These monsters that keep attacking have taken many of my friends.
    Zeke: I've tried getting the authorities involved but they just aren't strong enough!
    Zeke: Your technology is amazingly strong. I tell you what. If you can rescue them, I'll be very thankful.
    Zeke: I'll do what I can to make it worth your time and effort.

    (After rescuing all 10 of Zeke's friends)
    Zeke: It looks like the giant ape is the ringleader! We must push it out of the city!

  • Talk
    Zeke: You saved every last one of them! I'm eternally grateful. I would've hated for my pride to get in the way of their safety.
    Zeke: Unfortunately it's not quite over. That giant gorilla monster seems to be leading the pack of monsters.
    Zeke: I think we need you now more than ever to kick that ape out and show it that this is our town!

    (After reclaiming city)
    Zeke: You did it! The city is safe again. I'm sorry I ever doubted you, <Character>. You're a true ally.

  • Talk
    Zeke: You really did it! Thanks to you, the monsters seem to be keeping their distance and the city is finally at peace.
    Zeke: Now we all know the truth. You're not a threat to us. You're on of the most helpful people in the universe!
    Zeke: Even when I called you names to your face you continued to help us out and for that, I thank you.
    Zeke: I'll make due on my promise of making this worth your time. I'll get started on making some brand new weapons for you.

  • Rewards
    Zeke: I haven't actually finished making them yet so give me a little more time. I promise there will be tons.
    Zeke: As promised, here is our token of gratitude. We made lots of weapons to thank you for all your help.

    New Missions

    Zeke: It's great to see you again, <You>! I'm a little busy right now, but you can still get to the shop or redo some missions.

  • Talk
    Zeke: I'm really busy right now but I'd love to talk with you more later.
    Zeke: I hope you can get that door open. I have no idea of how it can actually taste rock but that's very interesting.

    (After completing Search for Rocks)
    Zeke: It's great to see you again, <You>!

  • Rewards
    Zeke: I used some of the volcanic rock to make some of those things you call mods for your big machine to thank you for all your help.

    Other Information:
  • You must complete all previous Museum quests and have flight clearance to access Planet Liath.

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