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Planet Liath - Blimp

Location: Planet Liath
Directions: Planet Liath -> Dan -> Return to Blimp

Locations Available:
  • Soluna City
  • Planet Liath

    Missions Available:
  • Starship Crash Mission

    Shops Available:
  • Blimp Shop

  • Pilot

    Pilot: Welcome aboard! Sorry for any confusion.
  • Talk
    Pilot: I'm sorry if you were hit by any of our attacks. We're sent to monitor the monster situation.
    Pilot: We came across you and we weren't sure to think of it but we decided to help you so I beamed you aboard our airship.
    Pilot: We're taking you back to our hometown for further questioning. Rest assured, you're not a prisoner.
    Pilot: I admit, we're concerned with your appearance. I've never seen such... I don't even know what to call it.
    Pilot: Anyways, please rest and as a peace offering, we can sell you some weapons for that craft you have.
    Pilot: Let me know if you need anything I will let you know hen we arrive. Welcome to Planet Liath.

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