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With Fiends Like These...

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 7. Fiends Like These...

«Scene: Paxia. Scene zooms in on «You» talking with the Eight Clan leaders and Jacques.»

«You»: What??? They broke into your base?
Noctros: And took it from me, yes. All while you were busy defending the others. It's so nice to know where your priorities are.
«You»: We didn't even know they were attacking you!
Noctros: Ignorance of the assault is no excuse!
Igneox: well, given that we were distracted by a much larger war--
Noctros: NO EXCUSE!
«You»: Ok, for the sake of moving forward, let's just say we agree.
Noctros: Better.
«You»: ... crazy old bat...
Noctros: What was that?!
«You»: Nothing. Just... trying to figure out how to get your clan back. Yeah, that sounds about right. We have to fight a small army, after all.
Noctros: Not necessarily...

«Scene: By a mountain cave.»

«You»: You mean this old cave leads right into your mansion? Why didn't you ever get that fixed?
Noctros: I found it to be a quaint place to relax. And it's a castle, by the way.
«You»: Whatever. Jacques! To the bat-cave!
Noctros: Mind the nightraiders!
«You»: ............ Figures.
  • Battle with Jacques's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:
    «You»: Alright... Noctros said the entrance should be right about--
    Jacques: Um, «You»?
    «You»: What?

    «Two Nightraiders fly in.»

    «You»: "Mind the Nightraiders," indeed...
  • Battle with Jacques's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:
      2 BATTLES: Nightraiders (as above)
      Full Heal
    «More Nightraiders enter.»

    «You»: Holy hybrids! There's no end to them!
    Jacques: Hold on! I've got an idea!

    «Jacques exits. You wait.»

    «You»: *whistles*

    «You wait some more. Jacques comes back, the Nightraiders perform emotes of surprise and fly off.»

    «You»: What-what just happened?
    Jacques: Bat-repellent. From Noctros.
    «You»: ... Of course.
    Jacques: And I do believe I see the entrance into the castle from here!

    «Scene: Noctros' castle, outside and then inside.»

    Crypt Fiend: How strange. Paxia should have retaliated by now...

    «Jacques enters.»

    Jacques: It has.
    Crypt: Oh? *coughs* excuse me *coughs* AHEM... ONLY ONE ASSAILANT?

    ««You» enter.»

    «You»: Two!

    «The Crypt Fiend raises its hand and casts a spell that looks like Damnation.»

    Crypt Fiend: ONE!
    «You»: How charming. It can count.
  • Fight!
    «You»: This seems familiar... haven't I killed you before?
    Crypt Fiend: KILLED? NO.

    «Scene darkens.»


    «Scene fades. When it returns, the Fiend has disappeared.»

    «You»: Well, at least we got Noctros's base back, right Jacques?
    «You»: Jacques??
    Jacques: uurrrggh...

    «Jacques has changed form, turning Darker.»

    Jacques: What hit me?
    «You»: !!!!
    Jacques: ... What?
  • Continued!
    Paxia Rush Epilogue

    Shop Weapons:
  • Grimstalker Z
  • Least Grimstalker
  • Lesser Grimstalker
  • Guardian Grimstalker
  • Grimstalker
  • Greater Grimstalker
  • Guardian Perfected Grimstalker
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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    Write-up and typo correction thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

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