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Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » Possessed!

«Scene: Dark forest. Zorbak and your character enter.»

Zorbak: Mehehehe, «You»!
«You»: Uh, hi, Zorbak. Can I ask you something?
Zorbak: Of course I can! But I can't promise you that I will answer you.
«You»: What's up with your laugh? I mean, I show up and you just automatically say 'Mehehe'.
Zorbak: Hmf— Well, you laugh when you're happy right?
«You»: Yes. But my laugh sounds HAPPY. Your laugh sounds... CREEPY.
Zorbak: I'm sorry I creeped you out. So, I guess I should just go...
«You»: Oh, okay. Wait! You asked me here for a reason. What is it?
Zorbak: I thought you'd never ask! Meheh—
«You»: ................
Zorbak: —heh. Sorry. Anyway, I'm looking for some really special ingredients for some of my necromantic spell, and I was hoping you could help collect some.
«You»: That really depends on whether you're planning to use these new spells to invade Battleon with a new type undead army or not.
Zorbak: NO! No, not at all! Meheh. I mean I would never give advance warning of such a plot! I just really need the help.
Zorbak: My legs are rather short, so it would take me MONTHS to do all the work myself, scuttling from here to there, and everywhere in between, to gather what I need.
«You»: So what will I get in return?
Zorbak: It always comes down to rewards to you, doesn't it? Meh. I'll figure out something to give you.
«You»: That's just how I roll. Okay, count me in. So where to first?

You have found some rare Darrowroot for Zorbak.

You have found some rare Redfern spores for Zorbak.

«Scene: Dark forest. Zorbak and your character enter.»

«You»: I'm back! I have the Darrowroot and Redfern spores you asked me to get.
Zorbak: Excellent!! Can I has?

«Darrowroot and Redfern spores get tossed toward Zorbak.»

«You»: So when do I get my reward?
Zorbak: You will! I promise. Just come back tomorrow. Meh...
«You»: Wait! Grrr...

You return to Zorbak's Hideout the following day, only to find that the little blue imp is nowhere to be seen. After looking around for a short time, you come across a troubling scene...

«Scene: Cagliari, Safiria, Aelthai, Falerin and Zephyros wait by a dark coffin with Zorbak's staff. Your character enters.»

«You»: Wait— What?

«Twilly, an unknown Moglin, Mu-Glen and Kabroz enter in formal attire.»

«You»: What's going on, here?
Kabroz: How nice of you to show up, «You». Mu-Glen, did we actually INVITE «You»?
«You»: Is this what it looks like? Is Zorbak actually— actually—
Mu-Glen: *sniffle* Yes, yes, my dear beloved is... is gone.... *sniffle*
«You»: I'm so sorry. I just saw him the other day. I— I helped him on a quest. What happened?
Kabroz: My little brother had an unfortunate mishap with one of his spells. Apparently, what he thought was Redfern spore were ACTUALLY Crimsonfern spores.
Kabroz: POISON. Zorbak was always so curious and experimental with his concoctions.
«You»: !!! Oh... my. Well, maybe it has been a little longer since I saw him last.
Kabroz: Shh— The service is starting!
Cagliari: We are gathered here this dark day to honor the life of Zorbak...

«Fade-out. Scene: Zorbak's Hideout. Mu-Glen stands, your character enters.»

«You»: Hi, Mu-Glen. I just wanted to express my sympathies for your loss.
Mu-Glen: Thank you. Your thoughts are appreciated. I only wish that — that Zorbie could be hear to know how much you cared.
«You»: If there's anything I can do for you, anything at all, let me know, okay?
Mu-Glen: I will. Goodbye...

«Scene: Waterfall. Your character enters.»

«You»: I feel so bad for Mu-Glen. I know it may be a little selfish of me, but I am also afraid of what Kabroz might get into without his brother to help tame his instincts...

«Tadpole swims in.»

«You»: Look at that. Hey, little tadpole, what are you doing??

«Glowing blue light enters in, possesses tadpole. The tadpole transforms into a giant monster with Zorbak's face on its side.»

«You»: AAHHHH!!
Possessed Tadpole: Grrraaaahh!
Zorbak?: !!!! Gaaahh!!!
Zorbak?: Where am I?? WHAT am I???
«You»: ZORBAK!?! Is that you?
Zorbak?: Maybe? I— seem to be in the body of a giant tadpole!
Zorbak?: What happened to me?? Oh, wait... I seem to remember... I mixed my Potion of Ultimate Necromancy and—
«You»: — You DIED. You— uh— mixed the wrong amounts and made a poison potion instead. You drank that and poisoned yourself and died. We just had your funeral.
Zorbak?: ....!!!
Zorbak?: My— my spirit must not have moved on to the other side. I'm STUCK here on Lore!! But— it appears I can POSSESS things...
Zorbak?: This could get interesting.
«You»: Um, Zorbak, seriously, if you're STILL here then there may be a way to get you back into your own body! Let's just go and—
Zorbak?: What? And give up this opportunity! Not likely! Mehehehe! Tadpole, let's see what your new Zorb-Form can do! ATTACK!
«You»: NO!
Zorbak?: YES!

«You»: Uh-oh. Where did he go??

«Zorbak's spirit enters.»

Zorbak?: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

«Zorbak's spirit flies across the screen.»

Zorbak?: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
«You»: Aw no.... This is very, very bad. I need to find him before something really, really bad happens!

«Scene: Graveyard. Your character enters.»

«You»: Hmm... Why would he come all the way back here?
«You»: ...................
«You»: This isn't going to be good.

«Drakonnan's armour enters the scene, Zorbak's face can be seen on the breastplate.»

«You»: Massively powerful fire wizard and architect of the Great Fire War which burned down half of Lore!!
«You»: Wait— You're dead. You've been dead for years— OH.

«Zooms in or Zorbak's face»

Zorbak?: No! Not Drakonnan! Drakonnan's ARMOR, possessed by ME!! Meheheheheheh!!!!! Prepare to be BARBEQUED!!

«Drakonnan's armour casts Volcanic Blast on your character»

«You»: Ouch!! That wasn't very sporting of you, Zorbak!
Zorbak?: Yeah, how about that? So, are you going to fight back or what??

«You»: Ugh— He's gone again! I have no idea where to look now.

«Your character walks further down the graveyard, Kabroz and Mu-Glen enter, still in formal attire.»

Mu-Glen: I can't believe it! Why?? Why would ANYONE do this!?!
«You»: What's wrong, Mu-Glen?
Mu-Glen: Some horrible, horrible person STOLE poor Zorbie's body!!
«You»: .......... Kabroz.
Kabroz: WHAT? Don't look at me! Just because I'm a necromancer doesn't mean I would reanimate my own brother! What reason could I even have to do such a thing?
Kabroz: I mean, I could use him as a mindless servant. Hmmmm... But no, I would never do that!
«You»: I will keep an eye out for the perpetrator, Mu-Glen. AND I'm sure Kabroz will too. RIGHT?
Kabroz: I.... promise.

«Scene: Zorbak's tomb. Mu-Glen approaches the opening.»

Mu-Glen: Ohhhh... My dear, dear Zorbie... Why did you have to leave me? *sniffles*

«Possessed Zorbak enters.»

Zorbak: Mu-Glen, my love!!!
Mu-Glen: ZORBIE!!! You're ALIVE!!!
Zorbak: Yes, I am! I managed to find my way back into my own body!
Mu-Glen: Get over here and give me a hug!
Zorbak: I will— It's just— I have a little something I need to— take care of— first.

«Zooms in on Zorbak's other face on his torso before zooming back out.»

Zorbak: Grrrrrrrrrr.....

«Scene: Battleon. Your character and Twig enter.»

«You»: Hi Twig! What happened? How did you get that lump on your head?

«Zooms in slowly on Zorbak's face on Twig's head.»

Zorbak?: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....

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  • Guardian Possessed Twig
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    Write-up thanks to James Lu.

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