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Liath Caves

Location: Planet Liath --> Dan --> Ancient Door --> Artifact Hunt
Objective: You found a fancy new artifact for the Soluna City Museum.
Requirements: Completion of Solve the Door
Release Date: 12/9/11

  • Mutant Mosquito
  • Terrible Claw

  • Dan

    Dan: Wow. This cave looks like it goes pretty deep. There must be something great down there.
    Dan: Traverse the cave and search for something worth bringing back. Be careful and try not to get lost.

    (Upon reaching door)
    Dan: Strange. That's a rather large door to have in this cave. I wonder what they could be hiding.
    Dan: I can't even begin to figure out how to get in there now. I say keep searching for something else worth bringing back.

    (Upon reaching artifact)
    Dan: Wow! I've never seen anything like that before. It almost looks like a mini-volcano.
    Dan: I wonder what could cause something like that? We haven't had any volcanic activity for a long time.
    Dan: Anyways, I'm sure your friend on you planet should have a field day with that artifact. Consider it a peaceful gift from Liath.
    Dan: Take care and be sure to check back soon!

    Rewards Shop:
  • Planet Liath Rewards Shop

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