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Disease, -X End & YY% effectiveness
Necrotic disease (reduced END and general effectiveness) for Z turn(s).

This is a re-named combination of Fragile and Choke.

The reduced END does not show up on the monster's stats to prevent bugs, but it still takes effect.

If the monster is affected by it, then it loses HP equal to [Its Original Base HP]*([END lost]/200)/(1 + [Original END]/200). If you (the player) are affected by it, then you lose HP equal to [Your Original Base HP]*([END lost]/100)/(1 + [Original END]/100). Either way, the target regains its lost HP when the status ends.

If it affects the monster, then all the damage it deals is multiplied by the listed amount. If it affects you (the player):
  • Normal Player attacks and Spells have their damage (Base/Random/Stat) multiplied by the listed amount.
  • Pets and Guests have their stat% multiplied by the listed amount.
  • Weapon Specials and type "other" attacks (such as Focusing with Kindred armors) are unaffected.


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    Monsters that Make You Diseased
  • Requiem Fiends ( Corpse Fiend, Grave Fiend, Charnel Fiend, Crypt Fiend, Catacomb Fiend, Necropolis, Requiem Fiend, and Golgotha Fiend)

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