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Dumoose -> HeroSmash is looking for Serious Testers (12/13/2011 15:12:39)

Have you always been passionate about video games? Have you always been good at breaking or exploiting game mechanics? Do you have access to the internet? Do you generally eat more than one meal a day? Do you skip showering for the day because you have a video game to play?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Hero Smash might be looking for you! Hero Smash needs a team of dedicated testers who have an eye for game balance and mechanics. If you have a passion for games and would like to be a part of making them great then email [email protected] and tell him why.

Your application must include the following:

Your Real Name:
Your Age (must be at least 18 years old):
Your Forum Name:
Your Character Name(Hero Smash):
Your preferred Email address (for communicating):
Why you would like to be a tester for Hero Smash:
One example of game insight you have about Hero Smash:

(Example of Good Insight) Lightning Strike needs to be buffed compared to other abilities like Shadow blast and Mental Ray. Both Shadow Blast and Mental Ray do more damage per energy cost and have a similar cool down, as well as both shadow and mental attacks get attack power buffs like Super Intellect to increase their damage.

(Example of Bad Insight) electricity powers should be stronger than anything cause i like em alot and they are lightning!

Email your application to [email protected].


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