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Morningstar Crossbow
Morningstar Lionheart

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    Level: 135
    Power Level: 135, Mastercraft
    Price: 1,230,295 5,059,008
    Sellback: 615,148 3,372,672
    Location: The Morningstar Clan!

    Type: Ranged
    Element: Light Earth
    Damage: 15-44
    BTH: 17

    Hits: 2
    Type: Ranged
    Element: Light Earth
    Damage: 257.55% Base and Random each
    Stats: 505.41% each
    BTH: +16 plus Stats each
    Rate: 100%
    Note: This is treated as a normal Player attack, not a Special.

    Against monster categories "undead", "zombie" and "demon", the weapon deals 110% damage, and seeks the monster's weakest resistance against Fire, Earth and Light. Against anything else, it deals 95% damage.

    The weapon deals 105% damage if you have one piece of the Morningstar (helm/armour) set equipped, or 110% damage if you have both pieces equipped. If you have the Morningstar Armor and Helm equipped, all attacks with the weapon deal 125% damage.

    This crossbow is sometimes used by members of the Morningstar clan when they need to hit something from a distance! It is particularly good against undead and zombies.


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Write-up thanks to Msyu. Additional thanks to Mysti. Update thanks to In Media Res.


    The special starts out as a standard bow attack (90% of an average armor attack), which is 454.5% Base, Random, and 891.9% Stats, with +16 BTH. Since the weapon doesn't have an actual Special attack, it deals *1.02/0.9 damage. Since there are 2 hits, each hit deals 50% damage.

    The Mastercraft bonus is used to get a trigger without a damage penalty when not triggered.

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