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Morningstar Plate
Morningstar Pedigree

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    Level: 60
    Power Level: 60, Mastercraft
    Price: 40,370 4,093 Gold
    Sellback: 20,185 2,728 Gold
    Location: Today's Event: Morningstar set! The Morningstar Clan!
    Element: Earth

    Melee: 37
    Ranged: 40
    Magic: 37

    Fire: 95%
    Water: 95%
    Wind: 95%
    Ice: 95%
    Earth: 67%
    Energy: 95%
    Light: 95%
    Darkness: 82%

    ATTACK 1
    Hits: 2
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 140% Base, 140% Random and 248% Stats each
    BTH: +7 plus Stats each
    Rate: 50%

    ATTACK 2
    Hits: 3
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: «As Weapon»
    Damage: 140% Base, 140% Random and 248% Stats each
    BTH: +7 plus Stats each
    Rate: 50%

    When you land a successful hit with the armor, the next hit will do 106% of the listed Base, Random and Stat damage. This only applies to normal attacks (not weapon specials). This does not stack with itself, but continues between battles.

    The armor of the Beaumont clan feeds some of the power of a successful hit into the next attack! With the Flail and Helm, it can unleash a massive dazing boulder attack!

    Male appeance on the left; female on the right.

    Images thanks to UltraGuy (male) and Watashig (female). Numbers thanks to Aelthai and In Media Res. Write-up thanks to big E.


    Fully offensive Earth armour.

    Just to clarify the mastercraft bonus of this armour in more detail so as to avoid confusion: Each successful hit you land allows the next hit to receive a *1.06 damage boost. So the first hit won't receive the boost and if it hits, the next hit receives a *1.06 boost. These boosts do not stack with each other, they just continue on as a chain as long as you land a successful hit. The boost is always *1.06 for the next hit if the previous hit was successful.

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