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Ice Harvester Space Fight

Location: Frostval '10 - Planet Thoh -> Ice Harvester? -> Space Battle!
Objective: You defeated the Ice Harvester and obtained the Dark Gift!
Requirements: Completion of Ice Harvester Battle, Star Captain
Release Date: December 23, 2010


  • Starstorm

    Starstorm: The Ice Harvester is preparing to battle you! There are a few things you should know.
    Starstorm: Use your W A S and D keys to move around the screen. Alternatively you may use your Arrow Keys.
    Starstorm: Click to shoot your weapon. You can change weapon type by pressing spacebar. The bottomleft panel will show you your firing mode.
    Starstorm: Weapon type 1 shoots slower but hits harder. Type 2 shoots faster but does less damage.
    Starstorm: The red squares are your health. If the run out, the Galactimecha will explode.
    Starstorm: The Ice Harvester must be stopped at all costs or star systems everywhere will be in grave danger!
    Starstorm: Good luck and go for the high score! Too easy? Try different difficulty settings!

    If defeated:
    Starstorm: The Dark Gift is just too powerful! We must not give up!

    If victorious:
    Starstorm: Now that he's disabled, you can dispose of the Dark Gift! The only sure-fire thing I can think of is to toss it into the sun.
    Starstorm: You may use the Galactimecha to take the Dark Gift to its destruction.
    Starstorm: You better get going. I expect there will be many angry people trying to stop you.

    Rewards Shop:

    Thanks to PD for correction!

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