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Holiday Traffic

Location: Frostval '09 - Planet Thoh --> Other Missions --> Star Traffic
Objective: You've successfully made it to Thoh!
Requirements: None
Release Date: December 11, 2009

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    Lisa: <Character>! We'd better hurry and get to Thoh as quickly as possible.
    Lisa: Those Ticklish Zorbo dolls are selling like hotcakes! My readings show a high degree of traffic.
    Lisa: Watch out for those crazy shoppers! They'll do anything to get ahead!

    Upon reaching Thoh
    Lisa: We made it! All we have to do is find a parking space. That shouldn't be too hard, right?
    Lisa: <Character>! There's a parking space!! Get it, quick!!!
    ???: ... You really want this space?
    ???: ...Good luck...

    Lisa: Phew! That was pure chaos but I'm glad we made it safely. You can even see Vil-Mart from here!
    Lisa: Let's check in there soon. Hopefully there's a fresh shipment of Ticklish Zorbos!

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