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Frostval War

Location: Frostval War '11 - Planet Thoh --> Battle!
Objective: You completed a Frostval War Battle!
Requirements: None
Release Date: December 23, 2011

  • EC01
  • EC02
  • EC03
  • Maria 13

  • Freddy Yeti

    (One of the following)
    Freddy Yeti: Keep up the good fight, <Character>. You're doing great out there.
    Freddy Yeti: You're fighting strong, <Character>. I'm impressed.
    Freddy Yeti: Well done! Keep this up and we'll be done with this in no time.
    Freddy Yeti: Another one bites the snow! You fight with the vigor of a true Yeti!
    Freddy Yeti: With every victory, we become one step closer to finding all of the parts of the mecha!

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