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golden1231 -> Reclaim the City (12/30/2011 23:17:57)

Reclaim the City

Location: Planet Liath --> Zeke --> Reclaim City
Objective: You defended the city from the giant gorilla and successfully reclaimed the city!
Requirements: Completion of Rescue (rescue all Zeke's 10 friends).
Release Date: 12/30/11

  • Giant Gorilla

  • Zeke

    Zeke: That giant gorilla monster has been continuing its assault on the city! The other monsters seem to be following its cue.
    Zeke: We need to set an example and pus that dirty ape out of town for good!
    Zeke: He's in the heart of the city. Battle him until he's far enough away from the city so he knows it belongs to us!

    After fighting 4 Gorillas
    Zeke: You did it! Maybe now we can finally have some peace around here. You're a true hero.

    Rewards Shop:
  • Zeke NG Weapons Shop
  • Zeke Weapons Shop

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