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mturf -> Bio: Containment Unit (1/5/2012 17:17:12)


Name: Containment Unit, designated by number or codename.
Alignment: N/A. The warden's view of protecting humanity.
Power: Varies per unit based on it's captive.
Weakness: Limited judgement based on programmed commands. Requires power to keep it's prisoner sedated. Power gauge has an external display for guards to monitor.

Containment Protocol Technology Development.

A top secret government funded high security prison facility for those deemed "too dangerous" to be left free.

It began with the wrist shackles. Simple heavy manacles made of a strange, rare, strong, and highly conductive metal. Almost all methods of forcibly removing them simply transfers the force used (torque/heat/etc) to either the cuffed individual or back at the source. An additional function that can be activated remotely is the trigger the metal's natural attraction to itself, pulling the shackles together.

To deal with stronger detainees who could easily cope with the added weight of the cuffs (often using the heavy objects as weapons), a third shackle wade added for the waist. When "magnetized" they more effectively disarmed.

After catching an individual with considerable mental powers rather than physical ones, a new type of restraint needed to be developed. It uses a variety of techniques such as subliminal hypnosis and sensory deprivation to keep the subject in a sort of docile trance. The energy used required this unit to be hardwired to a constant power supply.

With it's success at keeping the prisoners in line the helmet was put into use on all detainees. This quickly freed up many resouces. With little need for security against escapes, it became more productive to prevent anyone getting in. It was decided isolation was the key. With the facility now capable of being manned by a single person if necessary, the facility was redesigned, and sent into seclusion and secrecy.

As time passed there became less need for the prison, the program had long lost it's government funding, and eventually the facility was forgotten (or perhaps knowledge of it was erased). With lack of funds and little interest from anyone, the remaining crew of the prison had to become self sufficient, or risk the escape of dangerous captives.
They realized the answer was staring them in the face, they had neglected a powerful recourse, the prisoners themselves. While their minds may be locked down, many of their unique abilities were not.

They began to adapt the prison restraints into autonomous units, self contained jail cells designed to harness the powers of their captives, and execute the warden's bidding. As the containment unit's design refined, a single, highly adaptive model began to be used on all inmates, and even those in high security cells were made "active". The cellmates were all effectively, deliberately or not, weaponized into a potential army of super soldiers.

With the recent rise in super powered beings, sightings of these autonomous containment units are on the rise.

mturf -> RE: Bio: Containment Unit (3/22/2012 18:21:31)


Unit V (5)
Subject: Valkyrie (Name Unknown)
High Temperature Modifications;
Heat distribution - converts contained heat into a more effective beam
Ventilation - necessity to keep internal temperatures within operable parameters
Power management - used to recharge unit from a wide variety of sources
Heat dump - primary exhaust for excess flames, doubles as propulsion

Additional modifications made after failures to capture subject Valkyrie. Projected success rate high.
WARNING: Highly aggressive target. Do not transfer to another unit. Containment duration indefinite, self sufficiency essential. Set to alert central command unit at low power.

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