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Ancient ReignDragon Rider Z

«Fully-Defensive Ice armour. Mastercraft; has a built-in Fire skill that can Burn the monster.»

Also see:Location: Z-Token Item Shop, Frostval Gift Delivery: 2015
Element: Ice
Type	Z
Level	143
PowLvl	153 MC
MPLvl	150

Price	13860
S <48h	12474
  >48h	6930
Melee	55
Ranged	55
Magic	55
Fire	110
Water	81
Wind	60
Ice	39
Earth 	91
Energy	91
Light 	81
Dark	81
Hits: 2
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
BR%	279.5
Stat%	554.9
BTH	19
Skill - Fire Breath*
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged if {STR+DEX ≥ INT*3/2} or {STR/5+DEX/20 > INT/4} ; Magic otherwise
Element: Fire
Damage	134-403
Stat%	832.5
BTH	38

SP-Ran	385
SP-Mag	481
Note: This is treated as a spell. You can't use the skill if you don't have the listed SP cost for the Ranged (SP-Ran) or the Magic (SP-Mag) attack**

  • You receive Armour Lean x0.8.
  • If the skills hit connects, then the monster is Burnt (Fire element, 4 rounds, 5/2.8 power). The monster can resist with a save at a -20 penalty††:
      Level: PowLvl vs MonsterLvl
      Major: {YourDEX if Ranged / YourINT if Magic} vs MonsterDEX
      Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK
    **Roast your opponent over an open fire! Costs «» SP
    **You need «» SP to call forth that power!
    *The fire breath sets your foe on fire!
    ††Your foe quickly puts out the Fire.

    This powerful ReignDragon, one of the Great Frost Wyrm's trusted elite, combines excellent defense against Ice, good defense against Wind, good all round blocking and powerful Fire breath that can burn your enemy!

    Old Image

    Old numbers thanks to Kamui. New numbers thanks to In Media Res. Old image thanks to Anish and Sora Aeragorn.


    Starts off as a standard armour attack:
    Level	143
    PowLvl	153
    BR%	559
    Stat%	1109.8
    BTH	19
    With two equally powerful hits, each hit does *1/2 damage.

    Skill starts out with:
    Damage	179-537
    Stat%	1110
    BTH	38
    Takes -25% damage to pay for the effect.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the above numbers.


    January 8, 2012: The armour was released.
    December 24, 2015: The armour was updated. See revision for older stats.

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