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Stephen Nix -> Sneex (1/10/2012 13:31:15)



Location: Live and Let Dye

Quests given

Shops owned

Sneex: It's a pleasure to meet you. And I can see from here that you need to tighten the flux-valve on the depigmentation unit and-
Sneex: Ahem. Depigmentation flux-valve need to be tighter. Also, wrap hole in tube with tape made from ducks. Good, sticky tape.
Sneex: I tweak other things. You be fine. You pay me in gold, yes?
Sneex: *sigh* Gold... boxes. Sneex love boxes. Want boxes as payment.
Sneex: Sneex not care who! Sneex just needs dye.

Sneex: Sneex do excellent work, yes.
Sneex: Sneex VERY busy. King has MANY plans. No time to help... Dentist.


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