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Zephiel314 -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (11/26/2012 14:19:50)

I really think that it needs to be posted somewhere on the WF main page that regular updates are no longer being added. I know that might reduce the number of new people who either play or decide to become Guardians, but it doesn't really seem honest to have a notice saying that major updates are once per month, and have the possibility of new players paying for Guardianship, only find out afterwards that there are no forthcoming updates.
It's unfortunate the game had to die, I really liked it!

DavidBlastcutter -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (2/4/2013 18:56:08)

I just bought the game after playing for a week. I love it. I personally think its better than AQ. i was an avid aqw player about 3 years ago and just came back and noticed i had a warpforce account so i made a new player. I officially am in love with this game! im really sad that there will be no new updates though. i bought the game understanding there would be new updates monthly. That dissapoints me but i still love it no matter what and am glad that i gave this amazing company my $$$ :P

afsoc4life -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (5/10/2015 7:02:43)

A pity, I liked the game.

Grief Bringer -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (10/15/2019 23:53:28)

I do not understand. I registered when the game came out. There were a lot of features the site said would be added.

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