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Smoldering Spine Lance

Also see ( Igniting, Flaming, Singeing, Scorching, Blazing, Conflagrating ) Spine Lances

Level: 7
Power Level: 43
Price: 600 Z-Tokens; 420 Z-Tokens (Discounted)
Sellback: 540 Z-Tokens; 378 Z-Tokens (Discounted) for the first 48 hours, then 300 Z-Tokens; 210 Z-Tokens (Discounted)
Location: Limited Time Items Shop! Flaming Undead!

Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 5-27
BTH: 5

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 393% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 192% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +18 each
Rate: 10%

This is the bones of some unidentifiable animal on a pointed stick. The weapon still burns with malevolence at whatever created it. It's kinda like what happens when you put me in charge of the cooking.


Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image and description thanks to Dragoon23. Basic stats and write-up thanks to AVA. New names thanks to Watashig.

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