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Ash -> =DF= Locking / Deleting / Retiring Requests (1/26/2012 21:51:38)

Need a post deleted? Need a thread locked? Can no longer update your guide? Please let us know here so that we can take care of it.

Format to be used:

[b]1. What am I requesting[/b]? Lock / Delete / Retire a thread
[b]2. Link to thread and/or post(s):[/b]
[b]3. Reason for request:[/b]

When your request has been taken care of, an AK or mod will edit your post saying so. Periodically the thread will be cleaned (all replies deleted).

Any posts out of format or off-topic will be deleted.

If you are posting to have posts in your thread deleted, you must provide links to each of the posts. If you do not, then the posts will not be deleted until you do.

What his thread is NOT for:
1. Getting revenge on someone, or any other sort of vindictive behavior (this should NEVER be done, anywhere)
2. Dealing with a personal disagreement with someone
3. Dealing with someone committing a dire rule-breaking offense (such as repeatedly spamming your thread).
4. Requesting anything for a thread that is not yours.

#2 & #3 should always be handled by PMing a Mod/AK.

Silver -> RE: =DF= Locking / Deleting / Retiring Requests (9/14/2018 15:40:05)

1. What am I requesting? Delete
2. Link to thread and/or post(s): http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21125238
3. Reason for request:
Unlike most other armors, timekiller isn't just something you can pick up and figure out or learn how to use whenever you want; it's a rare armor and it's been rare for a pretty long time too. This guide isn't really useful to anyone outside of the niche group of users who bought the 2013 calendar, and these same users would've likely already familiarized themselves with this armor through trial and error. Timekiller isn't a particularly difficult armor to use either. Anyone who's used it would agree that its only niche is it being able to quickly plow through normal monsters and war waves (for other situations there're always better armors). I've considered rewriting this guide a few times but I figure it's pointless

I donít see why this is cause for deletion though. Even if itís not useful for most people, what is the harm in leaving it up? If you can justify this better, I would consider deleting it. -Hopeful Guy

Basically, almost everything in the guide is either there in the DF pedia page for timekiller or is really obvious/unnecessary. Everyone knows what timekiller is and how you could've obtained it. Any offensive build works for it and it has a pretty standard/simple skill rotation. "How are weapons shown for TimeKillers" ...I like how I just assumed all my viewers are idiots
I'd say the most useful part of the guide is the matching accessory section, but imo anything useful in it is better off being asked for in the DF Q/A section

Silver -> RE: =DF= Locking / Deleting / Retiring Requests (9/27/2018 11:17:13)

1. What am I requesting? Delete
2. Link to thread and/or post(s): A Guide to Weapon Specials: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3
3. Reason for request: I want to make a new guide called "A-Z Weapons with Special Effects" and keep that one up to date instead

Instead of deleting your current guide, I suggest that perhaps you can post in the Pending Guides section to work on it first. ~Peachii

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