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Harvest Festival!
Return of the Harvest Goddess

Today's Event > Harvest Festival

Once a year, the Harvest Goddess, Serenia, flies through the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields, they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All must gather to make an offering of crops and flowers to thank Serenia for her blessings. Those that are fortunate enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to see such a glorious sight...
You can skip the cutscene at anytime.

«Scene: The usual harvest festival scene, outside of the Cider House.»

Kosefira: Helloooo-looo-looo, «You»! You are just in time for my yodeling lesson!
Doofus von Strudel: Go grab a pint of cider at the Cider House! It rules!
«You»: Oh wow-- you must be one of the fabled LEDERHOGLINS!
Doofus von Strudel: That I am! We Lederhoglins like to come out and play this time of year because the cider is sooooo good! Did I mention that this is CIDER?

«The scene zooms in on Kosefira.»

Kosefira: So we decided on a name for this holiday, finally! Festival of the Harvest Goddess was a little too long... Mog-Toberfest sounds like it happens in October...

«The scene zooms out.»

Doofus von Strudel: -- and Autumnival is just plain weird! My fellow Lederhoglins and I really liked Mog-toberfest...*grumbles*
«You»: So what is the name you decided on??
Doofus and Kosefira: HARVEST FESTIVAL!
«You»: ...........
«You»: Let's hold a contest to choose a name next year, mm-kay?
  • BURP War! (Continues in Return of the BURPs)
  • Harvest Quest! (Directs you to Harvest Festival 2009)

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