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BioEngineering Room

Location: Planet Romero
Directions: Planet Romero -> Right -> Enter the center room

Locations Available:
  • ICU
  • Comm Center

    Missions Available:
  • Zombie Sample Tissue
  • Research
  • The Cure
  • Meeting
  • Zombie Street
  • Let's Plan!

    Shops Available:

  • Nurse Helia
  • Artix

    Intro Cutscene

    A short time later...

    Nurse Helia: Hello <Character>. I came as soon as I could.
    Nurse Helia: Warlic filled me in before I left. I have a feeling that EbilCorp Medical will not be much help, and we'd best investigate on our own.
    Nurse Helia: We should probably set up a base of operations somewhere in the city as soon as possible so I can set up my lab.
    Nurse Helia: Then, I'll need you to get me some samples from these infected zombies.
    Artix: <Character>! It is good that I found you! About the zombies, I think we...
    <Character>: Nurse Helia, let me introduce you to-
    Nurse Helia: Oh! Hello Artix.
    Artix: It has been a while, Helia.
    <Character>: Waaaaaaaait a minute. You two know each other?
    Nurse Helia: Artix is from Planet Arthuria.
    Artix: In fact, Helia was my squire for a time.
    <Character>: Really? That's grea-
    Artix: But that was a long time ago.
    Nurse Helia: A very VERY long time ago.
    Artix: A reeealllllly.... long ago.
    Nurse Helia: Yeah...
    <Character>: ...Oh.
    Artix: Not since that thing on Planet Carpenter...
    Nurse Helia: Oh great. You had to bring that up, didn't you!
    <Character>: Okaaaaay... Wow, look at the time, tons to do! Gotta get everyone up to speed on the zombie-disease-thing right?
    <Character>: (thinks) Awwwwkward.

    Nurse Helia

    Nurse Helia: You faced those zombies like a true hero, <Character>. The universe could use more people like you.

    (After completion of Artix Cure?!)
    Nurse Helia: We need to have a meeting!

    (After completion of Zombie Street)
    Nurse Helia: Too many Zombies! We need a plan!

  • Mission

  • Talk
    Nurse Helia: In order to study this zombie virus in depth, I'll need a good variety of blood and tissue samples.
    Nurse Helia: Luckily, Artix managed to tap into the Romero security communications. As soon as they hear about another victim, we'll hear about it too.
    Nurse Helia: If we're fast enough, we might be able to get to them before EbilCorp's people do and get that sample.
    Nurse Helia: Between you and Artix, we should be able to get enough samples for me to do a broad spectrum analysis.

    (After completion of Research)
  • Talk
    Nurse Helia: Artix is still unconscious. I'm running tests on him as quickly as possible.
    Nurse Helia: If he does have the H1Z1 Zombie Virus I... I'm not sure what we can do.

  • Artix
    Nurse Helia: I wish Warlic had said something about him being here.
    Nurse Helia: He and I didn't part under the best circumstances. To be honest, I'd rather not talk about it right now.


    Artix: You faced those zombies like a true hero, <Character>. The universe could use more people like you.

  • Who are you?
    Artix: I am Captain of the S.S. Paladin and the head of GUTS (Galactic Undead Terror Slayers).

  • What's going on?
    Artix: My ship arrived a few weeks to investigate reports of a Zombie outbreak on Romero.
    Artix: It appears that the zombies were created by a virus. Officially, they are calling it H1Z1, but many people are calling it Zombie Flu.
    Artix: EbilCorp Medical keeps saying they have everything under control, and yet the zombies continue to appear.
    Artix: If the Zombie Virus spreads offworld... the entire Galaxy will be in grave danger! We must stop it at any cost.

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