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Location: BioEngineering Room --> Nurse Helia --> Research
Objective Completed: None
Requirements: 10 successful completions of Ramdom Sampling!
Release Date: February 10, 2012


  • Nurse Helia
  • Artix

    Nurse Helia: It's no good.
    <You>: What do you mean? All those samples-
    Nurse Helia: The samples are fine, it's just... This H1V1 virus resembles several things and it may not even be a virus at all.
    Nurse Helia: What's worse is that at the late sate, I can't figure out how it's transmitting or developing over time, only the final result.
    <You>: So there's not way to come up with a preventative or vaccine or something?
    Nurse Helia: Unfortunately, no. For that, I need a subject in the early stages to test.
    <You>: That's going to be hard. If anyone shows the slightest early symptom around here,
    Artix: ...this should not be a problem.
    <You>: You have a plan?
    Artix: Not exactly. I believe I know someone in the early stages.
    Nurse Helia: Who?
    Artix: ...Me.
    Nurse Helia: ARTIX!

    To be continued...

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