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Location: Wolf and Bear

Quests given

Shops owned

Bear: Destiny shines brightly from this one. Perhaps it IS time. <Character>, are you prepared to prove your worth to the brotherhood?

Bear: Calm thyself Wolf. <Character>, the brotherhood are the guardians of the gates. These gates are really a portion of a lock.
Bear: A very complicated, and powerful lock. They are a part of the combination.
Bear: The reason for the guardians is to ensure that only the worthy learn how to pass through and take on the mantle of the brotherhood.

Bear: Yes, you have great power. This is good; however, power needs a focus.
Bear: Now, step through the gate and speak with True Mortal again, for he shall charge you with your next task.
Bear: With Isathaara free, there is no time to lose. You must make haste, and act with honor if you are to survive this series!

Alliance Appearance

Thanks to Jay for Alliance appearance image.

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