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Voodoo Master -> Grenwog (4/7/2012 8:26:32)


Location: Bad Hare Day, Grenwog 2012, The Lost Egg of Orion, The Request

Quests given
Bad Hare Day
Monster Pip

Shops owned
Egg Merge Shop

Bad Hare Day

???: Just need to find a few more good spots...
Grenwog: That's the last of the items hidden.
Grenwog: They're gonna love these yummy marshmallow pips!
Grenwog: *giggle* This should be a memorable Grenwog for the people of Lore!

Grenwog: What was that?!

Grenwog: ...

Grenwog: WAAAAHHH-- What?!

Grenwog: I... Don't know.
Grenwog: I know I'm the Grenwog Hare, and I think I was out hiding my eggs for you heroes to find.
Grenwog: ...But I can't remember where I hid them!

Grenwog: I spread them all across Lore. It's going to take some careful searching to find out where I hid the eggs.

Grenwog: Well, there are more heroes than just you, y'know...

Grenwog: ...
Grenwog: I was gonna give you a hint, but now I don't know if I should...

Grenwog: Alright, I guess. The eggs locations are marked by marshmallow chickcalfs!

Grenwog: They taste great, but you'll have to defeat them first.

Grenwog: Um... nope, can't say I have. ...Why?

Grenwog: s/he's kinda weird.

Grenwog 2012

Grenwog: Any luck finding the eggs?

Select a Quest!
Grenwog: Any luck finding eggs?

  • Egg 1
    Grenwog: I have a headache...

  • Egg 2
    Grenwog: Do you hear bells ringing?

  • Egg 3
    Grenwog: Who are you again? Oh... you found an egg!

  • Egg 4
    Grenwog: I can't remember my phone number... wait, what's a phone?

  • Egg 5
    Grenwog: What's my name again...

  • Egg 6
    Grenwog: What were we looking for again? Oh! Eggs!

  • Egg 7
    Grenwog: I don't remember how to get home...

  • Egg 8
    Grenwog: This all seems like a terrible dream...

  • Egg 9
    Grenwog: If I hide eggs for heroes... where do I get the eggs?

  • Egg 10
    Grenwog: Do I really hide eggs all year?

  • Egg 11
    Grenwog: Can you hear the drums?

  • Egg 12
    Grenwog: Are there two of you?

  • Egg 13
    Grenwog: I think I need a healer...

  • Egg 14
    Grenwog: Do you have a spare potion?

  • Egg 15
    Grenwog: Maybe some aspirin?

  • Egg 16
    Grenwog: I think I remember... do I have an evil twin?

  • Egg 17
    Grenwog: I don't think I even like eggs...I wish I could remember if I did.

  • Egg 18
    Grenwog: My head really hurts...

  • Egg 19
    Grenwog: I really must do something else during the year...

  • Egg 20
    Grenwog: I think I'm starting to remember... you're a moglin, right?

  • Egg 21
    Grenwog: Have you found those eggs yet?

  • Egg 22
    Grenwog: I think I remember what happened... something huge went by... something yellow....

  • Egg 23
    Grenwog: Uh oh... um, I think you should head to that town nearby. Falcon... town? city? I don't remember... but they might need you.

    Grenwog: If you find the Grenwog eggs I've hidden then you can trade them in for special Grenwog helms!

    Monster Pip

  • Monster Pip!
    Grenwog: Maybe hiding stuff in Cysero's Garden wasn't that good of an idea....

    The Lost Egg of Orion

    Grenwog: Steal? No! I found it on the ground!
    Grenwog: Poor little eggy all alone!

    Grenwog: Of course not! I was going to decorate it and hide it for you heroes to find.

    Grenwog: Eggsactly!

    Grenwog: I guess I don't have a choice... Eggy needs to be with layer. Fine take it!

    Grenwog: Yes, yes! Happy Grenwog day!

    The Request

    Grenwog: A weird guy told me to take yellow eggs and hide them, so that heroes find them and smile!!!

    Grenwog: So I thought to myself "Hey, this is good, I will teach Junior how to hide eggs so that heroes can find them and smile!"

    Grenwog: But then two other weird people bonked me on the head and took the eggs before I could hide them.
    Grenwog: They said they'd hide the eggs themselves!!! Can you believe it?!

    Grenwog: Yeah, they gave me hints.

    Grenwog: ...

    Grenwog: OK!
    Grenwog: Take Junior with you, please.


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