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Clyde -> =Art, Sneak Peak = On Our Anniversary... (4/17/2012 23:58:28)

Why, hello. This is my first design note, so save all your pitchforks and anger for later.

On April 20th, it will be my first year of being an AQ artist. It has been such an amazing time for me and it is mostly thanks to you guys.

Sounds like I'm leaving, right? Well I'm not, you can't get rid of me THAT easily. I just wanted to thank you all for the awesome year. My favorite part so far has been seeing most of your reactions to AQ, especially my art. I had my doubts at first as to whether or not you would all like it since it is pretty different from what Hollow and Wyrm are able to make with their magic hands. All the positive comments were well appreciated and even the less positive ones held a lot of value for me. Even if you consider me good or not, I always plan on becoming better and out-doing myself.

A few weeks ago, I asked Hollow if it would be alright if I could pick a certain something to go into the Limited Time Shop. Being the very nice and awesome person he is, he said yes. What I decided to go with is...

The Spirit Hunter Scythe
(DISCLAIMER: We are not held responsible for any spirits you may take. Use with caution.)

Some of you who have been following me for a while recognize this. This was the most requested item back when I first made it. Not only that, it was made roughly a year ago soooo it kind of seemed perfect. Scary...

It will only be available for a short time, after that? It will be gone forever.... Just kidding! It will be discounted for the first two weeks before being put into a shop. There are some gold versions as well. Some of you might find it useless to your build/character, some may find it very pretty, and others will probably hate it. In a perfect world, I'd be able to make you all happy. However, who knows what the future holds?

Hopefully, the special is unique and works as intended. If not, I'll fix it until it works right. <.<

So here's to a great year, hopefully this next one is even better.

Side note: The entire AQ team works hard to make sure that you all have fun and love what you're playing. At the end of the day, we do this for you players. Sooo, uh, tell all your friends about this game and I mean all of them. Your grandparents and their friends, your mail-person and their friends, everyone. I'm not telling you to tie them to a chair and force it on them, but you know...whatever you need to do...We don't judge. >.>



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