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Zombie Street

Location: BioEngineering Room --> Nurse Helia --> Cleanup Time!
Objective Completed: Congratulations! You made it through the zombies swarming the streets!
Requirements: Completion of Meeting
Release Date: April 20, 2012

  • Zombie Mecha
  • Zombie Mecha D
  • Zombie Mecha E

  • Artix

    Artix: <You>, the Zombies are everywhere!
    Artix: You will be using a military grade GPS Navigation system for this mission. Do you need instructions for how to use it?
  • Instructions
    Artix: The Nav system is extremely easy to use. It will show you the locations of enemy and friendly signals.
    Artix: Simply click where you would like to go on the map, and you mecha will walk there on autopilot.
    Artix: My ship has beamed down a repair station to assist you. I would advise you to stay close to it!
    Artix: Do not wander too far and then get cut off. The Zombies will be on the move!
    Artix: Their positions will change regularly! Remember -- only take chances when you know the odds are 100%!
    Artix: It is time, <You> - by the Light, we will soldier through!

    If you have already completed the mission:
    Artix: Good to see you again, <You> - there are many more! I like your spirit!
    Artix: I will round up more Zombies for you to destroy. How many do you want to fight?
  • 10 Zombies
    Artix: Ten Zombies? It is an excellent time for a quick skirmish!
  • 25 Zombies
    Artix: Twenty-Five Zombies! That is brave! I like your style!
  • 50 Zombies
    Artix: Fifty Zombies! You are a courageous and dedicated soldier! We will enjoy this mission!

    If you exit the mission:
    Artix: I have you back, <You>! I will not let the Zombies get you.
    Artix: Do not give up, <You>! I can take this one for you...
    Artix: It is ok for you to abandon the missions now if you must! I will hold them off until you return!
    Artix: This is fun ...I will help <You> to defeat all of the Zombies...

    After defeating all enemies:
    Artix: That was excellent, <You>!
    Artix: I think... for now.. we have them at bay. We should go back to the Lab to plan our next move!
    Artix: There are so many Zombies!
    Artix: We will come up with a plan. I have some ideas already!

    Reward Shops:

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