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Walk to Comm Building

Location: BioEngineering Room --> Nurse Helia --> Let's Plan!/Replay Walk
Objective Completed: You made it! You survived the Zombie-infested Romero streets and won through to the Comm Building!
Requirements: Completion of Zombie Street
Release Date: May 4, 2012

  • Zombie Mecha
  • Zombie Mecha D
  • Zombie Mecha E
  • EbilCorp Security Drone

  • Artix
  • Nurse Helia
  • Dr. James Johnson
  • Dr. R. Johnson

    <You>: We need to come up with a plan.
    Nurse Helia: There must be some way of curing everyone without any casualties.
    Artix: So here is how we will do it.

    Several minutes later...
    Artix: ... and that is how we solve the Zombie Problem!
    <You>: Brilliant plan!
    Nurse Helia: What!? Artix, no! That's too dangerous!
    Artix: Helia, trust me. Aso long as I have your data, everything will turn out great!
    Nurse Helia: Look - there are other options, I'm sure of it. We can still save them!
    Artix: By the light, Helia, I have no choice!
    <You>: Um, guys?
    Nurse Helia: you can't be serious. That's entirely too risky!
    Artix: Look what we are up against. We simply do not have the time to come up with a new plan.
    <You>: Guys?
    Nurse Helia: This is classic you! You're always rushing into battle without thinking.
    Nurse Helia: Is this going to be like Planet Carpenter all over again?
    Artix: This is NOTHING like Carpenter. I have done this before!
    Artix: If there was truly another option, I would take it, but this is how it must be!
    <You>: GUYS! Argue later! Zombie Apocalypse NOW!
    Artix: ...
    Nurse Helia: ...
    <You>: ...
    Artix: Right! I must be on my way to the S. S. Paladin! Be sure to get that data to me as fast as possible!
    Nurse Helia: I still think it's a bad idea!

    Dr. R. Johnson: Is all in order, Doctor Johnson?
    Dr. J. Johnson: I believe so, Doctor Johnson.
    Dr. R. Johnson: Excellent. Phase Omega is complete.
    Dr. J. Johnson: I will inform Mr. Z.

    Nurse Helia: Hurry in your mecha to the Comm Building and watch out for Zombies - bring a good Energy Blade!

    After battling a Zombie:
    Nurse Helia: Wow, <You> - that Zombie came out of nowhere! Watch out for more...

    After battling second Zombie:
    Nurse Helia: The infected are everywhere! It's so awful...

    After battling third Zombie:
    Nurse Helia: How are you holding up, <You>? You're doing wonderfully!

    After battling fourth Zombie:
    Nurse Helia: I think you might want to look out for Security Drones...

    After battling Security Drone:
    Nurse Helia: You made it, <You!> Now duck in to the Comm Building before any more EC Security or Zombies see you!

    Reward Shops:

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