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Deren Mansion Estate

Also see other Stone Mansions ( Darkovia, Forest) and Estates ( Forest Log Cabin, Tiki, Frostvale Cottage, Forest Mansion, Darkovia Mansion).

Level: 35
Price: 20,000 Z-Tokens 15000 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 18000 Z-Tokens initially, plus 1% of the price (200 Z-Tokens) per week (updated daily). 13500 Z-Tokens plus 1% of the price (~150 Z-Tokens) bi-weekly (updated daily).
Location: Higgins Real Estate Shop
Element: Neutral

  • Provides a picture frame where you can view close ups of pictures.
  • Provides a Battle Log Viewer Parchment.
  • Allows an overview of the docks where you can fight the Abyss Wyrm*.
  • Comes with a shack for your guards .
  • Adds 18 slots for each equipment type.
  • Refills owner's potion stock to 20.
  • Refills visitor's potion stock to 10.
  • Increases the number of house item slots to 79.
  • Provides the Derenian Conqueror and Mystic Derenian Conqueror as temporary weapons to the owner.
  • Provides the Derenian Steed and Dark Magic Steed as temporary armors to the owner.
  • Gives access to the Estate Shop, and fourteen plots of land on which to build your estate.

    *Quaffing a potion of Water Walking you bravely venture forth to confront the Abyss Wyrm!

    Large mansion with a large size estate with 14 plots of land in Deren. Also gives 18 extra storage slots for every item category, temporary Derenian Conqueror Hammers.





    [image][/image] [image][/image]

    Typo fix thanks to Koree. Additional thanks to In Media Res. New price thanks to Immortal God.

    The Abyss Wyrm!
    Scaley Sea Serpents Swim Sinuously!

    1 BATTLE
      Level 0-29: Abyss Wyrm (10)
      Level 30-49: Abyss Wyrm (30)
      Level 50-69: Abyss Wyrm (50)
      Level 70-89: Abyss Wyrm (70)
      Level 90-109: Abyss Wyrm (90)
      Level 110-129: Abyss Wyrm (110)
      Level 130-149: Abyss Wyrm (130)
      Level 150+: Abyss Wyrm (150)

    Return to your house.

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