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Communications Center

Location: Planet Romero
Directions: Planet Romero --> BioEngineering Room --> Nurse Helia --> Comm Center

Locations Available:

Missions Available:
  • Replay Intro
  • Fix the Satellite
  • Transmit to Artix
  • S.S. Paladin
  • Walk Challenge
  • Sector Defense Challenge

    Shops Available:

  • Nurse Helia

    Nurse Helia: We need to fix this place up quick and get the Cure to the S. S. Paladin!

  • Missions
    Nurse Helia: We need to get this up and running, stat!
  • Challenge Mode!
    Nurse Helia: Replay selected quests in challenge mode!

  • Talk
    Nurse Helia: Oh no! We need to get that dish repaired so Artix can get the Cure transmitted to the S.S. Paladin!
    Nurse Helia: If you'll take care of the combat duties, I'll arrange repairs and get the transmission ready.

    Other Information:
  • This location unlocks when Walk to Comm Building is completed.

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