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Jorath -> Kraola (5/19/2012 2:03:31)



Location: Aika Village

Quests given

Shops owned

Kraola: You no allowed. Please to be going awaiz.

  • Talk
    Kraola: Kraola no care. Is too close to dinnertime.

    Kraola: *sigh*

  • Try to trick him (1)
    Kraola: Chief no send you. I not dumb, just bad spellar.

  • Guard duty?
    Kraola: Is secret. Kraola no tell because chief no want outsiders to know.

    Kraola: !!!
    Kraola: Um.. Kraola is sleeping. Pleased to be coming back later.

  • The chief?
    Kraola: Chief no can has experience in battle, but has good experience in eating and asking for silly things.

    Kraola: Yes. Silly things.
    Kraola: Chief like to ask Kraola to dance or tell stories. Kraola respect chief, so Kraola do... but think there better things to do.

    Kraola: No, chief respect Kraola. It difficult to explain... We family. Chief care, but is just silly some times.

  • Where is he?
    Kraola: Um.. chief.. went to beach.

    Kraola: Chief.. uh.. sneaky.

  • Falconreach?
    Kraola: Kraola not really travel. Many do work in village.

    Kraola: Aika seem like easy place but we have to build again many times after storms or big wave.

    Kraola: What? ... Have you no seen beach?

  • Try to trick him (2)
    Kraola: Oh, is behind Krao-- hey, ...
    Kraola: Wait.

    Kraola: Wait...

    Kraola: Hey. Kraola no like your think trick.

    Kraola: Kraola not think funny. Kraola no more talk.


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