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Koree -> Dream Ray mk16 (5/22/2012 4:40:15)

Dream Ray mk16

«Light gun with a Darkness Special.»

Also see other Dream Ray guns ( mk13, mk14, mk15).

Level: 98
Power Level: 101
Price: 96,792
Sellback: 48,396
Location: FINception!

Type: Ranged
Element: Light
Damage: 19-31
BTH: 13

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Light
Damage: [As Armor]*645/525 Base, Random and Stats
BTH: [As Armor] plus Stats
Rate: 80%

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness
Damage: 590% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 383.5% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +42 each
Rate: 20%

Dr. Rem built this prototype raygun using the principles he learned from reverse-engineering the Dream Machine! It turns your dreams... or sometimes your nightmares... into an energy blast!


Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Write-up thanks in part to ArchMagus Orodalf.

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