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kim346 -> Captain SO.Oluna Shield (5/28/2012 15:35:56)


Captain SO.Oluna Shield

Level: 45
Price: 5000000 credits
Sellback: 500000 credits
Location: Avenger-Themed Weapons

Equip Slot: Front Arm
Damage Type: None
Damage: 78-84
Hits: 2
Energy: 68
Cooldown: 3
Bonuses: None
Special Effects:
  • Hit 1: Chance for HP DOT for 3 turns
  • Hit 2: -30 Boost for 3 turns. (If Hit 1 connected: -30 Boost for 4 turns instead, and +80 Defense for 1 turn.)
    (Also says Combo Z A2 for 1 turn)

  • Last hit: If all three Avenger Weapons are equipped and the nerf hasn't already been applied, -40 Bonus for 3 turns
  • Captain Soluna Shield -> Iron Head -> Geekatron Body = Defense Boost

    Description: Reduces enemy boost and cuts their fuel lines for a DOT. You can use it afterward to deflect most attacks for a turn! Try it with the other Avenger weapons or on a Geekatron. EXTREMELY rare!
    Images: Captain SO.Oluna Shield, Attacking 1! Attacking 2!

    Thanks to Vivi and Maegwyn for specials and combos, golden1231 for images!

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