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Malich's Sorrow

Location: Falconreach Auction House -> Nati -> Quests! -> Yeah, let's go! -> Gris -> Malich's Sorrow
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 1st, 2012

Objective: A rare necromantic formula is hidden in Glenham Keep. Gris has a use for it. Find it, and prehaps other secrets are hidden in the tower.
Objective completed: The madness that was Tarraan is finally stilled. Prehaps both Malich and Tarraan can rest in peace.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Cave Creeper
(3) Skeleton
(7) Skeleton Guardian
(4) Vampiric Ghoul
(20) Zombie Dravir
(1) Tarraan - Boss

Malich Salavich

Dragonhorn Edge (I-IV)
Dragonhorn Shiv (I-IV)
Dragonhorn Stave (I-IV)

Gain access to Malichs

Gris: I have heard tales of a tower near Amityvale that has fallen into disrepair.
Gris: The tower is reputed to be the location of a special necromantic formula.
<Character>: Interesting...
Gris: Rumor has it, the tower fell into disuse a long time ago.
Gris: The owner of the tower disappeared centuries ago. Nobody knows what happened to him.
Gris: Rumor has it that he ventured into some sort of cavern and was never heard from again.
<Character>: Let me guess. I can buy something from your shop as a reward?
Gris: We'll work something out.

  • Okay, I'll take the job.

    You are now in Glenham Keep. When you get to the top, you need to enter a password to open a magic lock

    When you go near the lock:

    <Character>: A magic lock. Hmm, this door requires a password to enter...

    If you type in the wrong password:

    <Character>: Nope, I guess that wasn't it.

    If you type in the right password:

    <Character>: Wow, it worked! Wonder what's in here...

    Inside the room, there's a box. Inisde the box is the shop Malichs.

    While wondering the tower you'll find a key. This key opens the way to the tower's dungeons - Where Tarraan awaits you.

    <Character>: Oh my... This area is really dark...
    <Character>: Hmm... nope, can't see a thing. Wonder if there's a torch around here I can light.
    <Character>: Ah here we are.

    *The room is now lighted. In front of the character sleeps a giant undead dragon*

    <Character>: GREAT GOOGA-MOOGA!!!!
    <Character>: *meep* ... Shh, control yourself, <Character>.
    <Character>: Phew! I think it's sleeping.

    *The ground trembles. The dragon is awake*

    <Character>: *sigh*

    You now have to fight Tarraan or his extreme version. After you beat him:

    <Character>: Sleep, and dream of large... large... Dragonesses?

    *The ghost of Malich Salavich appears behind the character*

    Malich Salavich: Thank you for freeing Tarraan of his earthly prison.
    <Character>: ?!
    Malich Salavich: Being brought back from beyond was more than he could bear. I wrenched him from his respite and forced him into a rotting shell.
    Malich Salavich: It drove him mad. He did atrocious things in his madness. In disgrace, I was forced to plea for aid in recapturing him.
    Malich Salavich: He was forced into a pit and dragged into this cave where he was imprisoned. I built the fortress over the top of the cave, so that I could be close to my beloved friend.
    Malich Salavich: I felt certain he could be freed from the malevolence that had taken hold of him. In the end, I strode in here and fought him as best as I could.
    Malich Salavich: He was mercifully quick with me.
    Malich Salavich: I have been here ever since, paying the cost of my treachery in bringing him back. I am now free.
    <Character>: ...
    Malich Salavich: Thank you, <Class>.

    *And then the ghost flashes and disappears. Where he stood there's now a green floating potion*

    <Character>: The potion... Thank you.
    <Character>: Now to negotiate a reward out of Gris...

  • Complete Quest!

    The password:


    It can be found in one of the books in the tower.



    The key's location:


    Go up to the fourth floor of the tower. Then go left -> up -> jump through the hole in the floor. The key is hung on a hook on the left side of the wall. Click on it.

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