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Malich Salavich

Location: Malich's Sorrow

Quests given

Shops owned

Malich Salavich: Thank you for freeing Tarraan of his earthly prison.

Malich Salavich: Being brought back from beyond was more than he could bear. I wrenched him from his respite and forced him into a rotting shell.
Malich Salavich: It drove him mad. He did atrocious things in his madness. In disgrace, I was forced to plea for aid in recapturing him.
Malich Salavich: He was forced into a pit and dragged into this cave where he was imprisoned. I built the fortress over the top of the cave, so that I could be close to my beloved friend.
Malich Salavich: I felt certain he could be freed from the malevolence that had taken hold of him. In the end, I strode in here and fought him as best as I could.
Malich Salavich: He was mercifully quick with me.
Malich Salavich: I have been here ever since, paying the cost of my treachery in bringing him back. I am now free.

Malich Salavich: Thank you, <Class>.


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