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Evistix -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (1/21/2019 17:58:23)

This weapon belongs to the nation and I personally love it. I like the color you suggested as well in the handle of that axe but what if we can remove this (A mark) to make it the nation mark ? [:-]

Anime FTW -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/1/2019 5:08:33)

Just Some Suggestions XD

1: adding on item effects like more actual movement speed, cause moving around alot can eventually get annoying, or gives a VERY small (like 15-50) Hot/Dot and cant be stacked, or like a small chance to freeze enemies for 1 second or decrease damage taken/dealt by 10% for 2-3 seconds.

2: enemies actually use F*ck*ng mana XD. I mean they have a bar of mana but it never goes down wtf.

3: I know this has already been talked about before but i still wanna mention it. A trading system. It might be easier to start out like each person each has their own market type thing and they type /market <player name> to see that person's market but each person can only put a max of like 5-10 items on at one time and just gradually increase it just like the lvl cap. Slowly but surely add the amount of items that you can sell.

4: maybe not getting rid of enhancements but being able to shift them towards certain areas like more intellect or endurance or something and the consequence of them changing it would be that for example is they put everything into luck or intellect then they would have pretty much no health at all and would die fairly easily or if they put everything into endurance then they would have pretty much no dmg. I think adding in, not an item but like a system that anyone can use by like clicking on the items and clicking on a button that would be there to change them. You could have it cost acís or just extremely expensive with gold. Like 5000 gold/point change or something.

5: I would also suggest lessening the amount you have to spend on inventory spots or bank spots a little XD cause for poor people like me if i spend $10 for acs (2000) and i spend all of them on inventory spots then i only get 10 spots XD. that may not seem like much for bank but for inventory it is but it is still very expensive so I would suggest changing the inventory slots to 150/inv spot and 100/bank spot but maybe then increasing the amount of slots available.

Paragon BR -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (1/3/2020 16:56:03)

I would like to make a suggestion if you have not thought of that.
How about inventing new classes by reusing factions that are already in the game, that didn't give classes or gave few or no items.
Besides having no nexus as it stands, it would save you work inventing new rooms, farming quests and ...

Igorsantos2009 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (2/27/2020 16:00:49)

> New animations for Weapons

Correct weapon animations; Almost all weapons in the game
does not have an active animation, the only one I saw that had an
functional animation was 'Colt Revolver' in "Free Player Shop"
(Yulgar) other than that it has none with animation, itís boring
buy a gun that should shoot you hit the enemy

> "get Free Acs"

Improve the rewards picked up in 'Get Free Acs', the amount
of Acs purchased reaches 5 AC (What can you get with 5 AC?)
, changes the reward from 5 AC to 10-50-100 AC based on the
percentage of 1% - 100 Ac, 15% -25% 50 Ac and 75% 5 Ac, almost nobody
uses this option to get acs since aeXtras has a better chance of
get ACs.

> Wheel Of Doom FOR FAN!

Allows FANS to create items for Doom, most players
want to get only Donated and few focus on items, be have a shape
putting new items every week on Doom would be this, fans creating
items to be obtained in doom, this will make Donated more
difficult to fall and giving more opportunity for users to exchange
different items.

> More animation for the character

Put animation to put sword on the back or shoulder, use also
new combat animation, like; Damage, Sword Attack and other weapons.

> Possibility to TEST items before buying.

Before buying everyone wants to test! Nobody knows how to be like the item
or not, enabling the player to test the purchase items would give more
release from the player experience and get to be will want to buy or not.

> Enable the Search engine for the inventory

Players with more than 150 slots purchased have a hard time finding one
loose item inside the backpack, a search tab would make it easier to
find scattered items.

> Reactivate old events

MANY and MANY maps are disabled in the game and that is fact, reactivate for
to be able to redo historic game events would be a good idea, just remove
the shops and rare quests that are available and leave those that are part
progress of the event.

> Every month change the message 'staff' of the game

Putting tips and alarming future events to make the player more aware

> Focus more on FREE players

Many of the players are Free and have almost no good items, not for want
money but for lack of interest in putting it in the game, after all "What
motivates / encourages a player to spend on AQW? "

> Missing WAR EVENT

ANOS does not have a decent War Event, many of the recent war are forgotten,
until today i don't remember the ones i made and look what game since 2012, the most striking was
Dage vs Nulgath where they had Items, Enemies, Farme and other things they did
well, I miss a decent WAR that makes the player spend hours doing quests and farming.

> Unnecessary Menbers Items

Many of the pets that in the game are not members and not even half of them are using hair
this makes it a deadweight in the game since one day the menbro ends and that
pet menbro will be excluded for lack of use. Pets are very few used (minus the
Rares), it would be a good idea to convert half of them by AC or GOLD for everyone to use.

> Interactive PvP

Place rank of clas, score of 1v1 monthly and exclusive items for those who reached the Top
players, this is one of the most requested functions outside the Playerís Online Store.

> New stories for old maps

DoomWood is an example, VERY rare for someone to come by and do a quest, usually
go through a complete quest.

> Slot limit

Duplicate the slots in the inventory, thus making the bank obsolete (Since itís too boring to have to
go to the bank to get the items or have to buy a 2,000 pet just to open the shop)

30 - 100 | 50 Acs per slot
100 - 200 | 150 Acs per slot
300 - 400 | 300 Acs per slot
500 - 1,000 | 600 Acs for 10 Slots purchased

Just like Banko and Casa

> Power exchange Gold for ac

Enabling the exchange of gold for AC takes the following form.

1,000,000 Gold - 10 Acs
2,000,000 Gold - 20 Acs
3,000,000 Gold - 30 Acs
4,000,000 Gold - 40 Acs

Can be done at least 2 times for FREE Players
For members

1,000,000 Gold - 15 Acs
2,000,000 Gold - 25 Acs
3,000,000 Gold - 40 Acs
4,000,000 Gold - 50 Acs

Enabling at least 4 times for members and 10 times for members
over 3 years of age (Up to 1 and a half years, after that the value acquired
returns to normal in the limbs)

Sorry for any grammatical error, I can't speak English [:)]

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