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Evistix -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (1/21/2019 17:58:23)

This weapon belongs to the nation and I personally love it. I like the color you suggested as well in the handle of that axe but what if we can remove this (A mark) to make it the nation mark ? [:-]

Anime FTW -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/1/2019 5:08:33)

Just Some Suggestions XD

1: adding on item effects like more actual movement speed, cause moving around alot can eventually get annoying, or gives a VERY small (like 15-50) Hot/Dot and cant be stacked, or like a small chance to freeze enemies for 1 second or decrease damage taken/dealt by 10% for 2-3 seconds.

2: enemies actually use F*ck*ng mana XD. I mean they have a bar of mana but it never goes down wtf.

3: I know this has already been talked about before but i still wanna mention it. A trading system. It might be easier to start out like each person each has their own market type thing and they type /market <player name> to see that person's market but each person can only put a max of like 5-10 items on at one time and just gradually increase it just like the lvl cap. Slowly but surely add the amount of items that you can sell.

4: maybe not getting rid of enhancements but being able to shift them towards certain areas like more intellect or endurance or something and the consequence of them changing it would be that for example is they put everything into luck or intellect then they would have pretty much no health at all and would die fairly easily or if they put everything into endurance then they would have pretty much no dmg. I think adding in, not an item but like a system that anyone can use by like clicking on the items and clicking on a button that would be there to change them. You could have it cost acís or just extremely expensive with gold. Like 5000 gold/point change or something.

5: I would also suggest lessening the amount you have to spend on inventory spots or bank spots a little XD cause for poor people like me if i spend $10 for acs (2000) and i spend all of them on inventory spots then i only get 10 spots XD. that may not seem like much for bank but for inventory it is but it is still very expensive so I would suggest changing the inventory slots to 150/inv spot and 100/bank spot but maybe then increasing the amount of slots available.

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