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Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/4/2012 20:15:32)

@LL: Thanks man means a lot, and yeah i get the whole "you should flash it would be epic" thing a lot but i guess im to lazy xD...and i suggested the DB3012 :)
@XSpectreX: Its a nice concept but the design itself could use some work, its blended to much into one solid shape. Keep at it :)

XSpectreX -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/4/2012 20:24:52)

Ok, nice to get some feedback though. Thank you!

Lord Coxy -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/4/2012 21:09:45)

Can someone comment on my plushies? (the ones that are AE related of course XD) and the plushie I made for LL (you can see it on his avatar)

@Reki: Really like the Armor of Awe, the Wandering Alchemist is also another nice one (its a really nice since it seems like something that an Alchemist wont normally wear), the Artifice of Blood was a nice design by you and your friend, your Massamune is another nice one, though the shoulders plating sticking out a bit seems a bit random to me and for the Dragon Blade 3012, it seems nice to (not a personally fave from you)

@XSpectreX: Looks nice, though personally, I think it can be better if you showed its skin of his hand and not being cover by the armor

@LL: Like the idea and I think the curve spikes is a good unlike drDot said ;P

@silver knight: thanks, though for your blade, I think the weapon itself is way to plain, but I like the animation idea ^_^

Have a great day now

EDIT: LL just forgot the l in [/url] XD and thanks and ok and no problem about your plushie

LL -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/4/2012 22:18:17)

@Lord Coxy
Plushies Link fixed.
I could always sense your expertise in plushies and of course perfect sigs.
You've done so much and I don't see a problem of what you have there, I'd just like to see the Unfinished Lord Coxy avatar get done. ^_^

The thing there is the Evolved Bunny Berserker's shoulders are too big for the armor.
I like the avatar that you have made for me, no regrets truly.
That's all I can say so far, Good luck! ^_^

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/5/2012 4:04:49)

Since the Dage vs Nulgath war is coming....I've got some things I'd drawn for Dage counterpart...
As in armors :
- Legion/Dage's DragonKnight
+ Legion/Dage's Recon Armor ->~Clearer Version~-> Clearer Legion/Dage's Recon Armor
- Oh yeah and the sword behind that armor I'd drawn...Really makes Dage look fat :/ and that sword is a cape...Though I don't know if the colors are gonna be the same as other legion armors.

dotagod01 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/5/2012 5:11:57)

xeltonic the armors do not look that good i'd say since the armor is not that detailed and messed up, lord coxy i like your plushies though i believe with LL that the bunny shoulders are too big, also, i like the avatar of LL that you made as he does

Signatures aren't permitted in the AQWorlds Suggestions. Please refrain from using them when posting here. ~Laos

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/5/2012 6:21:34)

@dota sorry I'm not really that good in armors.I specialize in weapons only.

Edit 1 : @LL maybe some weapons for Dage vs Nulgath war? Impalers,Sword and Scythe
and what do you mean I got my armor in the game O.o? I don't receive any O.o

LL -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/5/2012 6:53:01)

I somehow would agree that the armor was kinda messed up but I know you are good at armors.
I like your weapons knowing they are original and the guns, somehow needs more detailed.

Try putting up extraordinary effects or if you can't some fantastic design for the guns since they are common in many games. ^_^

The scythe is good, but I think the weapon needs the skull straightened since it is not working with the handle.
Although it is kinda blurry, I still like the idea of the concepts. ;)

XSpectreX -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/5/2012 16:19:51)

That scythe is pretty good. Like to see it full size though.

What do you guys think? I call it my Legion Necromancer
Note: my mind went blank when it came to the bottom half. And blue fire is supposed to come out of the openings in the shoulder piece.

Blackshock -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/5/2012 17:56:27)

@XspectreX: It looks pretty alright, the head and shoulders just look a little bit too scrunched up together, but overall it looks pretty good [:D]

Hey guys, what do you think of this concept sketch I made of the Dreadwalker armor/monster I suggested? Btw, black thing on the belly's supposed to be a hole in the armor with the ribs poking through to make it look like teeth.

Here's the first weapon I ever did with flash, I know it looks pretty simple but I had to start with something I could pull off at my level. I present to you Dawnclash

EDIT: New addition to the roster, The Revenant Maestro Set

pRopaaNS1337 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/9/2012 12:16:52)

@Xeltonick you should start drawing with general proportions continue with general shapes and leave drawing details as the last part.

Lord Coxy -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/17/2012 14:39:30)

Just to let you guys know, I will be deleting some posts and sending notices soon because of this quote by Laos

I want to remind everyone this is a discussion thread and not a suggestion thread. Any suggestion you post here is for discussion purposes only.

Any suggestion made here not accompanied by criticism or feedback directed at someone else will be deleted.

Meaning if you want to discuss about your artwork or ideas, you MUST give back a comment to someone else artwork from either this thread or from the other AQW Suggestion Threads and you not suppose to comment on someone that didn't even comment someone else at all, which will be delete soon also, and one post that is complaining about because of adding an angry face, while suggesting something that the AE staff has already said that they will not do that

Now, time for an effect to kick start this thread again by doing something that skydrite said to do on the first post is by commenting on other people's work for other threads, which I will attempted to do now

Note: There will be two suggestions that was discuss already on this thread, but I thought they are worthly of another one ;P

Zuk Dragon Rune Blade AQW name: Zukai
Liked the weapon, that it was well made and drawn well

House Items:
Lord Coxy's House Plushie item: Awakend Count Plushie base off Xeltonick: Awakend Count AQW name (according to the one under his Avatar) Lock747
I personally think that this would make a good plushie if they decide to release plushies made by players and release Awakend Count

Xeru: Blood Caster
While it has the Dark Caster Feeling, I thought it it looks nice and does look a bit different form it
Xeltonick: Awakend Count AQW name (according to the one under his Avatar) Lock747
Thought it was creative, loved the shading of it and its design
EDIT:yeln Dark Ancient
That this was well made and looks original also

I just thought these monsters are truly awesome and needs to be discuss more with them ^_^

Monster Name: Earth Offspring
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: Elemental planes of earth and nature, helping out other Earth Golems or Elementals. At the same time they can be found in canyons and forests, jungles, being very common in many places of Lore where nature needs a hand.
Description: As unlike the other elementals the Earth Elementals can self-regenerate they won't waste their time creating new elementals of their kin. Instead, whenever they find themselves in need, they imbue the earth around with their energy therefore creating young Earth Elemental to Golem hybrids. The Earth Offsprings have both the healing powers of nature and the incredible strength of the earth inside them.
Image: Earth Offspring [+basic standing animation]

Monster Name: Fire Juvenile
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: Elemental planes of fire, gathering places of the Fire Elementals and such.
Description: At anytime a forest is caught in a fire you can see shades moving between the flames. Those are the moments when the anger of the fire gives birth to new Fire Juveniles, sending them in their journey to become a full Fire Elemental.
Image: Fire Juvenile [+ basic standing animation]

Monster Name: Teen Wind
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: All kind of areas with high wind velocity.
Description: Whenever an adult Air Elemental is defeated, the wind velocity surrounding it will increase. If it happens near a hill, the forces will bring a new Air Elemental to life. Those newborns will try to find items to keep them together; at the time they become stable enough their form will rise up above a small tornado. As they get older they will store their armors inside their tornado being, armors which will be left if they will be defeated.
Image: Teen Wind [+ basic standing animation]

Monster Name: Water Youngling
Monster Type: (Young) Elemental
Environment found: Near ponds, lakes, seas. Water Younglings are often attracted to rain forests or waterfalls, even if they are not created there.
Description: When feeling old and weak, elder Water Elementals will dive in huge ponds or lakes at huge speed. Every drop of water that will hit the ground after the splash will keep part of the elder's Water Elemental memory and become a Water Youngling itself. Given that their memory and knowledge is shared so easily, water is now one of the most intelligent element, being able to cast spells of a greater difficulty than other elementals.
Image: Water Youngling [+ basic standing animation]

Tendou AQW name: Tendou no Mazo
Really like the creativeness of these pets that you have made (and I really hope Samba picks one of yours since it seems she has started to do pets for the Suggestion Shop now ^_^)

Crawling Worm
Crawling Thorns
Giga-Tech Slug
Lacernous Moglin
Mummy Moglin
Pharaoh Moglin

Feature and Functionality
I really like the idea of 1 and 4, but I personally don't understand what you mean by number 2 and I don't think 3 would work so well, since they did make them classes have their own separate spaces from the other items, but as you can see, it got change were it counts as space as your other items and has been like that since (though I like the idea of making them ACs so you can store the classes you don't use in the bank for free, but mostly wont happen)

I have come up with tons of new functionality features. Some already thought of but some brand new ones. Here they are.

1. PvP Server - This one was addressed by many other players, but basically, a PvP-only server. Take away PvP from the other servers and add it to a unique server for PvP. This will reduce lag in the present servers and reduce lag while in PvP.

2. AC Bank Space Switcheroo - Since AC items can be stored in the bank for free, your inventory can get filled up with non-AC items, leaving no room for you to move AC items to your inventory and equip them. My idea is that whenever you take out an AC item from the bank, a temporary bank slot is made in substitution for the AC item. That way, you can place a non-AC item in the bank till u want to put back the AC item u took out.

3. Free Bank Space for All Classes/ Make All Classes AC - If we only use 1 class at a time, all the other classes will just take up inventory space. Players should be able to keep the classes they aren't using in their bank whether all Classes are ACs or a new function is added where Classes get free bank space.

4. "Complete Sets" Option - This new idea will make putting on complete sets quick and easy. Select a Weapon, Helm, Cape, and Armor/Class, and they will merge into a "Complete Set." Let me give you an example. If you select the VoT Blade, the VoT Helm, VoT Cape, and the VoT Class, there can be a button that says "Merge Set." When you click on that button, the selected items will be merged into one inventory space called a "Set Space" (No, this space will not count toward your inventory space, the items in the set will still count as they did before). Now, you can go into what I would like, the "Complete Set Tab," and you will see your new set named "Customized Set 1." Click it and 2 buttons will appear where the equip button would be. One will be the equip button and the other one will be the "Rename" button. This will allow you to customize the name of the Set. When you click equip, all your current items equipped will be replaced with the items in your Complete Set, quick and easy! If u have a pet or necklace equipped while the Set doesn't include that pet and necklace, they will not be replaced and they will still be equipped normally. This goes with the rest of the items. You can also make Sets with items that don't have to do with each other. Let's say you like the look of Mage's Hood (Helm), Blade Master (Armor), Courtly Cape (Back Item), and Ragnarok (Weapon), then you can make it into a Set. Do not worry though, just b/c an item is in a set does not mean it cannot be used with other items. You can unequip the set and this will allow you once again to freely equip whatever you want. This idea is made to organize, quicken, and make equipping a certain set of items that go together much easier.

While there is many other good ideas in the threads, I picked the first good ones that I saw right way, so please don't feel bad about it if I didn't pick yours

I think I'm done here now ^_^

Have an awesome day now

Ninjudo -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/24/2012 21:26:33)

@Zukai - The Dragon Rune Blade was ELEGANT. I love it's simplicity, yet great datail on the hilt and handle parts. (especially the part bet. the hilt and blade)
@Xeltonick - The Awakened Count was great, though I think it needs more detail somewhere... perhaps on the chest (or inner shirt) part.. not sure. Anyway, the flash work is great with nice shading. (and I really like the collar lol)
@Yeln - Dark Ancient is simple yet original. But perhaps you could add more undead details on the armor. And I can see the banners and spear unflashed sketch lines, might look better if you added them ;)

So here's mine:
Arcane Archangel (I think it lacks SIGNIFICANT details)
Arcane Archfiend (Inspired from Nulgath's armor designs)
Taturius Mercenary (The name Taturiius is based from "Tattoo")

Thanks guys. Dunno when I can check back. Anyway, laterz. :)

mieteor -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/25/2012 17:11:01)

@Xeltonick- Your concepts are good, I feel with enough practice you'll start to work in proportion in your armours, just keep at it.

@Blackshock- Your Dreadwalker is really good, love the clarity of the piece. The helmet stands out most to me.

@Lord Coxy- You know you're beast when it comes to making plushies ;D
My favourite is your Titan one

@Ninjudo- I love those sets, the linework is so clear making the designs easy to follow. My favourite from those is the taturius mercenary.

Here are a few of my pieces-
Dracolich Lord
-Flinching Shooter with helm variations
Soul Ravager

Thank you if you check them out.

Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/25/2012 21:04:02)

@blackshock the zigzag down the swords blade would be better gone in my opinion but its very nice for a first flash, and as for the revanant maestro it.
@ninjudo those are all amazing solid designs man, great work...really like the weapon with the arcane archfeind. perhaps change the leg a bit on the archangel?
@mieteor i see you went with my name suggestion :D...and that dracolich lord almost made me loose bodily functions its so awesome O.O

Well i decided to actually take time to draw some weapons with effort (not that its as good as you gusy still), started with the sword and the rest followed. May add a bow later. Thoughts?

Reminiscense set-

Ninjudo -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/26/2012 12:44:36)

@mieteor - the dracolich lord has a very awesome faceplate. Gotta be my fave of the three. OH WAIT (I actually checked back at the shooter) Well I really love the details on the flinching shooter. And your stuff look better when you color them in powerpoint (right?), I gotta say. I also love the colors you used for the shooter. well OBVIOUSLY I'm really impressed overall xD As for the Soul Ravager, I gottasay that's one sweet claw.

@Reki - I think I like the reminiscence SWORD the mos coz I'm really into swords, especially that i think the theme made a great hilt. But imo the blade should be sleeker, perhaps thinner or more pointed (dunno, Im just not into broad "flat bladed" swords)

Well anyway sincethe Taturius Mercenary (my latest work) is really old, xD I'm workin on something right now. It's kinda Legion themed and inspired from my Demonic Nemesis... Let's see how it turns out.

Lady Aliella -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/26/2012 18:58:47)

@Ninjudo The Taturius Mercenary is amazing! Concepts are clean and goes together really well.
@Mieteor Love the Dracolich Lord. Belt's dragon head may need some work though, it looks kinda flat or noseless. I can't figure out which lol. Anyway, great shading an concept.
@Reki I'll go with the others when they say the wristblades are the best. I can imagine those in ED more than in AQW, though.

Here's mine:
9 Weapons of Inspiration
Frumple (pet)

xxerox -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/27/2012 3:57:46)

@Lady Aliella

The weapons - nice weapons, well made, but , they look like the hundred others in game. So basically Amazingly greatly made, but not very original (well as the way i see it)

The pet - Cute, nice looking, i hope the 2 things around him, move because it will look weird just standing there. It will be much better if they spin around it.

The way they are now, they look like wings (because they are 2D)

P.S. Unless they are wings, then im sorry for the suggestions.

Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/27/2012 11:09:52)

@Lady Aliella Love all the weapons, especially the end scythe, and i see the influence of the other artists. I have to disagree with xxerox since they were inspired by others.

Added another weapon to the Reminiscense set, the katana on the far right...i'm sure Ninjudo will like this sword more :P

Reminiscense set-

Ninjudo -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/27/2012 11:46:38)

@Aliella - wow I love all those weapons.Every detail is clear, and they were very well made. The black parts reminded me of the Taturius Mercenary lol........... and THIS :D.. And Frumple, well it's cute, though I think I'd like to see him wearing a robotic sleek helm, or one with robotic knuckles. would be cool if it had diff vertions :)

@Reki - oh the katana? You don't even have to say it ;) Would be a nice part of my katana collection

-Nin Was Here_

Here's my WIP I've been talkin bout :)

LL -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/30/2012 4:54:53)

Growing good huh, I see your weapons improve.
This set you have specified is a neat sheet you know, and I love it really do. :D

Your concept looks great, however make the lining to Hairline and I guess the horns are pretty
big and larger than the shoulder plate. Also, the horns of the head and foot, shorten them and I believe you
will make it there. ^_^

On behalf of my weapons, introducing to you my new ones,
Sage Blade of Nulgath (Pending, might be a dagger though) and Dinomancer Axe.

I would like to hear from you guys. ;)

Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (7/31/2012 19:22:42)

@Ninjudo Love the demonic feel but i think its a tad overkill with the giant thousand horns xD
@LL Sage blade is awesome all around but the face on dinomancer doesnt fit well to me.

Fully colored Reminiscense set, thoughts?

Lady Aliella -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/1/2012 1:57:56)

@xxerox Lol, I take it that I got the AQW theme right. And yes, those are wings x) I imagine that they would float up and down though.
@Reki Seems like a lot of people like the end scythe best. Hahah! I would agree too.
@Ninjudo Not even! The black parts on that one sword is better than all of the ones on my weapons.

@LL I love the Dinomancer Axe! Maybe it's the coloring, but something about it is very attractive [;)]
@Reki Whoa! That's amazing! I like how you make paint look like it's flash. Seriously, it looks like it was made in flash with flat colors. Also, that color scheme is great :) the glow is impressive, too. My favorites are still the wristblades.

Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/5/2012 2:16:15)

Golden Rule: Give feedback to get feedback ;)

@Lady Aliella Since it seems to be the favorite among everyone you should flash it up :D..would love to see it done in the same style as your personal character you made.

By request i added a scythe and bow to my Reminiscense set.

Edit out some words since the post that you replied to is now deleted for not following the Golden Rule as you said ^_^

Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/6/2012 6:36:18)

@reki: your reminiscense weapons are very cool i especially loved the scythe and the slim sword it looks like u have done it in flash. very accurate weapon scales.
@mieteor: i love ur dracolich lord the detail is awesome cant wait to see it in a fully colored and shaded version. and ur other armors are also cool.
@Lady Aliella: i love ur 9 weapons of inspiration especially the last scythe. and you're also talented in coloring and shading i can see that from the first sword. also your pet is very cute.
@lord coxy: i think ur house plushies are so cute. even though im a boy.

and here is my two aqw suggestions:
chaos void of nulgath and void scythe of chaos
the heart cutter dagger is originally drawn and designed by mieteor i just did the flash work and changed the designs a bit.
heart cutter dagger

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