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Zoshi -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/7/2012 9:02:15)

@trizz - you have some epic animations
@reki - epic weapons, you should shade them though. I love the color scheme
@LL - very cool concepts make them in flash so everyone can fully appreciate them!
@Ninjudo - I love the arms, legs, and skirt thing but the body seems to be lacking, maybe make it a bit broader with some more bones?

I'm Zoshi I used to post here a long time ago when I was a noob at drawing. I just started again maybe two months ago and really want to get in contact with the art community to help me improve!

I'll just post some of my latest stuff
Dark Berserker
Lag Grub
Mercenary type armor thing :P

Thank you!

yeln -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/7/2012 21:13:08)

@Reki ur armor looks great, I do wish tht thy will make it available in Suggestion Shop :)

Here is my updated Samurai if Yeln armor lolz :
Samurai of Yeln

Lord Coxy -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/7/2012 22:25:40)

@Ninjudo: your Arcane Archangel was made well (didn't like the back shoulder for some reason, but I like it now), like it details and liked the halo you added above the hood. Arcane Archfiend, it does have somewhat of a Nulgath design style feeling, which is good since you were going for it, love the runes you made for it, with the floating runes for the cape and like the shape of the weapon with its design. Taturius Mercenary, really like it, like how you using a different type of coat for the bottom half, which is unique and like the design you use on the armor, gun and the cape, thought it was a creative armor. For you WIP, I like it, though I think its feet should be a more straight then it is, seems a bit weird for the foot to point down like that and for the horn to the right on its head, I feel it maybe should raise up a bit, since it seems to go down a bit to much, otherwise, I like this armor design so far

@mieteor Thanks ^_^ (though I recently updated its feets since I upload that picture with almost all my current plushies I made, so its not the same one), as for you suggestions, the Dracolich Lord is nice, but I feel it has a bit to much the feeling of your DragonSlayer's Solace a bit to much. Flinching Shooter was well made and has the feeling of being a ranger, also like the eagle/bird symbol that you made for it, though I feel the girl's face seems to be a bit off (with its nose and month). And for your Soul Ravager, it is also a nice armor and does have the feeling of not being human, and I do like the face of it also

@Reki: Your Reminiscense set is a very nice set, love the color you pick for them and love the designs on them, though I don't see how the Armblades would be able to hold like the armblades in AQW, though it fits more with ED wristblades (which I'm sure it was for ED ^_^) and I feel the handle for the Staff seems a bit to thick and maybe make it a bit thinner, and would love to see these getting shaded also with maybe an armor to go with this nice set ^_^, thought this was really good

@Lady Aliella: Really love your 9 Weapons of Inspiration, they were well made and like how they were inspire by other people works^_^ (really love to see you flashing them just like the weapon, which was flash very well ^_^) and your Frumple is cute and original for AQW pets ^_^

@LL: Your Sage Blade of Nulgath blade and the heads was well made, I like it, but I feel the handle is a bit to short in my opinion and for your Dinomancer Axe, don't care for the colors (at least the pink and red), but I do like its design ^_^

@TRizZzCENTRINO Thanks and I'm a boy and I'm the one that makes them 0_o... ;P, anyway, your chaos void of nulgath and void scythe of chaos was really well made, really love the design on both and like how it has its own shape and not the shape of the Void of Nulgath, though I feel for the scythe, has the Shape of the frost scythe of Nulgath a bit to much, other then that, I love this armor ^_^, as for the heart cutter dagger, I prefer the deisgn by mieteor, but I do like its animation you added

@Zoshi Your Dark Berserker , I don't know why, but I just don't care for it for some reason, can't but my finger on it, but for the Lag Grub, thought it was a well made and like how this is how you think of the lag monster, which is creative and Mercenary type armor thing :P, I like its design, yet feels simple and love the weapon, like what you did with it, and looks cool as a cape.

@yeln Like your armor, has good color choices, though I do wonder, what you mean about Reki having a good armor when he/she been posting the Reminiscense set, which has no armor since my last post on this thread?

I have nothing new, but feel free to comment/discuss of the suggestions in my last post of Zuk, Xeru, Xeltonick, drDot, Tendou and dinomancer, along with some new ones ^_^


Atrum, dark grey on the plates are cc to base, cloth cc to trim, and glow cc to accessory. All cc except for the metal edges on the plates. Wings are a cape, head is a helm. All-metal variation of the mask.

If you guys want the fla then let me know.

My aqw account is Reddy.
Here is my armour gallery.


Drop rewards stackable by drop:
Let me explain this thing to you, now as I have noticed while farming the Evil War, there's a lot dropping and covering up each other, some items cannot be made accepted if you cannot click on it quickly. Seeing this thing present, I guess we should implement this one:

  • As for the Misc drop items, we will see a x1 on it's side, once you killed a monster it adds up another x1. Assuming that at least one drop and another makes it go x2 and so on.
    An Archfiend's Favor x1 dropped, you killed another monster which gave you another one and the x1 word changes to x2 until so on so that it will not cover the other items.

    I suggested this up because of my very own experience, the Legion Blade faded because of these drops that covered it.


  • quote:

    I have a few weapon suggestions-

    Azure Vertex
    Blue Grievance

    Credits to 1c3 r3b0rn for the great names. I hope you like the designs.

    Have an awesome day now

    Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/8/2012 20:14:50)

    @Zoshi Thanks but i dont shade in MS Paint. I have to agree im not feeling the dark buster armor much but the lag garb is very nice and outside the norm, although the midsection by the bottom of the chest armor is to thin.
    @Yeln Nice job, really captures the samurai feel although the colors make me think teenage mutant ninja turtles for some odd reason. Which of my armors are you referring to? I have many.
    @LordCoxy Yeah the arm blades are ED only, the handle on the staff is to thick (was an accident) but im to lazy to fix As for shading like i tell everyone i dont do it on MS Paint, why? idk xD...and yeah i thought of doing a matching armor but i dont want to risk ruining the set if the armor doesnt come out at the same amount of quality.

    I haven't had time to draw anything new recently but i may share between 3-5 of my favorite armor sets soon for feedback, may add to the top one or base a new armor off a similar style.

    Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/8/2012 21:38:15)

    Paladin Robes <- Read the description.I can't do things that good.And the face....Lol.I only need a bit of extra help on this.

    @Reki Good color choice,perfect design.Just go for the details and Ta-Da-Da :D
    @Zoshi Epic as always,please send me the runes.fla or something :> needed that to update my paladin robes
    @Yeln awesome armor,add more details to make it look more awesome :D
    @Trizz that's something I wanted to throw my money at :O
    @Lord Coxy Y u no own link :O?
    @LL want me to flash it for ya :D? Its a good choice after all,3D-ish weapon.

    LL -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/9/2012 10:07:32)

    Done with my Dinomancer Axe flashed.
    @Xeltonic I have flashed the axe already.
    @Coxy Thanks for pulling out my suggestion, I think it deserves a place in-game.

    Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/9/2012 10:21:38)

    @LL nuuuuu that's my chance :<

    Edit 1 : .45 Legion Hellsing ( Its a pistol )
    Do I need to improve on it some more? Or plate it with more metals on the metal plates of the barrel and hammer?

    Edit 2 : .45 Legion Hellsing ( Updated Pistol with glowing animation : .45 Legion Hellsing Animated Glows )

    LL -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/12/2012 20:52:15)

    Made an animation for the Dinomancer Axe.
    Animation - Dinomancer Axe.

    @Xeltonic I love the animation for the glow but I think the runes make it complicated. Fix them a bit and you're done.

    yeln -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/14/2012 10:04:54)


    nice axe you got there, I like the animation but the blade angle looks a little bit funny lol

    here is a WIP of my latest armor :

    cyborg unit YLN- 2256

    about 3+ hrs from line to color yet not complete

    lolz, making armors is no easy task,

    do we have to create both female/male version and divide it into parts and make it ingame ready to even hav a chance to be chosen?

    I see many of you guys just create only the concept

    LL -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/15/2012 21:49:03)

    @Yeln, the armor is so mechanical, I'd suggest you to clean it up, remove overlapping lines.
    That was a perfect concept! I love your style dude, keep it neat. ;)

    On behalf of my Dinomancer Axe, I would like to introduce my new ones, Sage Blade or Daggers of Nulgath. (War themed).

    Chickens 3000 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/17/2012 17:07:44)

    @LL. I like your daggers of Nulgath. I like the way you put the face of Nulgath on them. They would have been great in the War, but it ended. D: I am also a fan of the orange-ish glow.

    Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/17/2012 20:21:43)

    @Xeltonick Great work on the gun, i see your improving on your designs and flash both quite a bit. Keep it up man.
    @LL The handle shape bothers me quite a bit but other than that they seem like they could fit in Nulgaths shop well, i see them as huge daggers.
    @Yeln The concept is great but it also seems to dull and could be cleaned up a tiny bit.

    Well many of you wanted to see a matching armor to my reminiscense set of weapons and i finally had time to draw once again so i did one, thoughts?

    Reminiscense Plate(male)-
    Reminiscense Plate(fem)-

    Reminiscense Weapon set w/Armors-

    OAS Spartan -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/20/2012 2:44:30)

    Miscellaneous Item Suggestions: Posted a few ideas, sadly am not good with that kind of art. Hopefully will get a few in game. I thought of a few and think they were thought of a little too fast... The holy might back items I would like to see in game, mainly because I like capes with addition sword parts... capes with swords or wings with swords... the helms, well the only halo helms either give you a new hair style, or (The hairstyle) makes you bald...

    Armor Suggestion: I thought up a few new ones but a few of them were old suggestions that I've said before (DestinyKnight and a few of the Hydra Clan) I like all my ideas and I really hope to get at least one of these in game. The Ninja is my favorite idea, with the chest plate being a hydra head, but the Berserker is the best I think. The villager was quick and I think I thought of it for a zone of the Clan. Healer and Mage look about the same I guess with a few differences. Rogue is pretty... boring... will think of how to redesign it later... Warrior is nice and more like a lower armored Berserker. The scribe would be like the Paladin/DmK (That I thought of and isn't in game so I shouldn't use it as an example...).. The DmK variants are all nice, I hope the second and third get in-game (Don't care much for my Legion DmK idea)

    Weapon Suggestion: Suggested a few, for some reason couldn't think much about weapons but the few I did think of I think are good. The Solar Kris and Lunar Katana are both old items, they are supposed to be opposites. Maybe the weapons could even be back items (I like weapons as back items) And the Dual Hook Blades... well that's how their used. The hook is used to swing a second sword around.

    All in all I think I thought of some nice items...

    @Yeln~I really like your armor idea. I hope you luck on getting it in game.

    Shaister -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/20/2012 21:03:29)

    @OAS Spartan I saw the weapon suggestions you made earlier and I really like the Solar Kris and Lunar Katana. I can see them fitting nicely with Solaris Knight and Lunaris Sentinel.
    @Reki Everything in the Reminiscense Set looks amazing, the armor fits in with the weapons really well. I went ahead and flashed one of the swords because I was bored. I hope you don't mind.

    I'm currently working on this set and any criticism would be welcome.

    OAS Spartan -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/20/2012 21:47:43)

    @Shaister~Thanks, I actually posted that before the discussion about next weeks possible release came up. I'm happy I did. The Lunar Katana is my favorite and the Solar Kris is pretty cool. I also like your weapon set. I have a lot of weapons drawn and their all on my books facebook page (Does it sound like I'm advertising my book? it's in my sig O_O) anyways, I hope at least something I've suggested gets in. Maybe one of my DmK armor suggestions for this week [:D]

    Removed Signature, please don't use your signature in the AQWorlds Suggestions, for they aren't allowed here

    Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

    Lord Coxy -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/20/2012 22:01:55)

    @LL: Your Dinomancer Axe looks a bit nicer now that its been flashed ;P and I also like your Sage Blade or Daggers of Nulgath and thought the double blade was cool, but still think the handle is a bit to short

    @yeln: I like your new armor, it was made well and like the creative name you used for it

    @Chickens 3000: Seems good for the most part (the cheeseburger I have to say no since it cause way to much trouble that the staff had to end it) but would be cool to do something like that

    @Reki: Funny how you said you couldn't do an armor for that set when you did ^_^, anyway, it matches well with the set and looks very nice

    @Shaister: I really like the daggers and the blade, though I feel the staff is a bit to simple compare to the daggers and blade

    Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/21/2012 1:14:38)

    @Shaister That looks pretty nice man but i would prefer you just give me a heads up next time for you set i get a DragonFable vibe from them which is nice since i love the DF style :)
    @Lord Coxy I didn't say i couldn't but that i most likely wouldn't want to cuz i felt it may ruin the weapon if it didn't come out well. Plus i didn't have much time till recent to draw.

    Shaister -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/21/2012 14:02:07)

    @Yeln That robotic armor is awesome. The coat was an excellent touch and I think that might be why I like it.
    @Lord Coxy I agree completely about the staff being too simple. I don't usually like to go overboard with details but in this case I think it could use more.
    @Reki Will do :)
    I agree about DF's style though. I absolutely love it. Especially Tomix's style.

    I made a quick new Chaos-ish set last night while listening to Ghost's newest song for DF and man, that song kept me awake long enough to draw them last night. The staff isn't really done, hence the red lines. In addition, something about the daggers seems off to me but I can't place my finger on it.
    If anyone figures it out you can have a cookie, because I sure can't.

    TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/21/2012 23:17:28)

    @reki i love all ur reminiscence set and armor it fits very well and has a mystical look to it.
    @shaister i like ur chaos weaps thay look very chaosish.
    and heres mine it was for epicduel but i might as well suggest it in aqw too.
    demonic beauty sword flashed and animated
    demonic beauty metallic version
    demonic beauty original version

    yeln -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/23/2012 0:59:16)

    @Reki I see tht u hav improved alot :), maybe you should try to flash ur armors it isnt tht hard to flash if ur willing to learn lolz.
    @LL those fiend blades looks cool, hav you posted it in weapon suggestion?

    Btw here is a 85% clean up version of my YELN-2256 lolz,

    Shaister -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/25/2012 18:25:34)

    @TRizZzCENTRINO I really like the animation on those, the eye's movement is pretty fluid. The shading really does fit EpicDuel's style but I could see it fitting in AQW as well.
    @Yeln The one on the right looks excellent, I like the mix of cloth and armor. Your shading is also pretty amazing, it makes everything flow nicely.
    @LL I'm a bit late on this but I forgot to say that I like your Sage Blades, the handle seems a bit too short to be curved like that so soon, but I think they look great!

    So last night, and the night before... I drew up two things. Ravenloss Tailor and a WIP of a time themed Polearm, Originally I had meant the tailor to be more... tailor-y but I somehow got sidetracked and I think it looks a little more voodoo-y instead because of the beads. I really tried to stick to Tomix's shading style because I don't think anything else really has the same Ravenloss feel. It's not quite done, I have a few things to touch up before I suggest it. The Polearm is pretty simple, I'm not sure if I'm happy with it yet either.

    Edit:@Yeln (Below) I might make a female version sometime soon Actually I just found out that I lost my female base in a drive reformat. I'll have to re-create that before I do make a female version sadly.

    yeln -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/25/2012 22:09:57)

    @Shaister are u gonna suggest it soon ? :) will you be creating a female version too?

    Assassin9891 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/26/2012 2:33:15)

    @yeln really like those two armours. They look really good in the female versions. love the shading on both!

    @Shaister Wow, i really like the Ravenloss warrior. really like the sahding and the glow on the hand. I also really like that Polearm. it looked so good i though it was the final version!

    Yesterday, i was messing around on flash, and decided to actually finish this Sword. For now, i call it the Crimson cutter. i tried two symbols so that there are identical.

    yeln -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/31/2012 3:22:04)

    @Shaister how is your armor? did it get chosen? :)

    Here is my both female/male version of my "Samurai of yeln" armor :

    Female & Male

    Shaister -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/31/2012 14:13:49)

    @Assassin9891: I like the general shape of the blade. The shading could use a little bit of work but I think it looks great nonetheless. Gotta love how Symbols keep everything nice and identical.
    @Yeln: Wow, I'm at a loss for words. I would probably end up buying that without a second though if it got chosen. It just looks amazing, and no, I haven't suggested the armor yet. It's not quite done. :)

    I've been really busy lately so I've only managed to finish the male version of Ravenloss Tailor and add a rough WIP of an Alchemist to match.
    I also made these a while ago as a warm up, so there wasn't really any theme and some of them are more geared towards Dragonfable than AQW, but meh.
    Edit: Oh, there's this too, but it's a really, and I mean really rough sketch at the moment.

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