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Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/4/2012 21:30:02)

@Shaister That armor is looking like a good start and like it will be very detailed. Although its looking to form fitting at the moment.
@Yeln Both versions look fantastic and capture the theme very well, just clean up those lines a bit :)
@Assassin9891 Try to work in more shape and details, practice makes perfect so keep at it.
@Trizzzcentrino Ive already commented on that sword on your twitter and its still awesome. Was nice seeing you move outside your usual holiday similar in game items.

Well i wanted to try at a theme i haven't seen with a weapon yet so i went for an apocalyptic themed sword.
What does everyone think?

End of Days-

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/5/2012 18:27:44)

@shaister i love both ur armors, they are both well detailed and colored.
@reki i love ur sword it looks awesome!

and here's my armor
crimson vespi armor

and here's my new purified doom sword

Edit out some words since the person you respond to didn't follow rules, though what you said to that person was untrue since this thread is for any suggestions, not just items and weapons suggestions which includes Armors, Feature and Functionality, House Items, Miscellaneous Item (Capes/Back Items, Helms and Pets), Monsters and Weapons

Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

Assassin9891 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/10/2012 10:06:07)

@Reki I absolutely love the End of Days. Just absolutely amazing. love the shading and especially really impressed that it looks that amazing on paper! Can't wait to see if it gets flashed, it would look so cool ;)

@TRizZzCENTRINO Wow. Really like the crimson vespi armour and the animation. the shading on it is amazing. But i would really like to see a male version. As well, That purified doomblade of yours is just so cool. Is simple, but really effective!

I was doodling on a piece of paper and in the end managed to make a pet, so i flashed it to see the result, and i am pretty pleased with it.
Here it is!

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/11/2012 20:37:49)

@assasin9891: your pet looks very cute, but perhaps u should add a few more details to it. that would be nice.

and here is the evil counterpart of the purified doom sword:
doomdreader dual sword

Lady Aliella -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/14/2012 2:52:57)

Welp, I don't know where my post went. Anyway, late congrats on those of you who got in SS last week :)

@Reki, A lotta things going on in that sword. The angel doesn't really fit, imo. Mainly because the handle looks wicked and there's what seems to be a meteor or explosion.
@TRiz Wow, great flash work. You have an ED style to your work, which makes me personally think them gives it a more unique look. Nice job on the armor, the arm part is really cool +.+
@Assassin: Cute! It looks kinda Pac-man to me, lol. I like the ribbon, gives it a nice touch along with the top hat :D

Blackshock -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/14/2012 21:47:20)

@Lady Aliella: If you checked the first comment, it's supposed to be symbolic of an angel on top with a meteor striking the earth. Something about the literal end of days being portrayed. I found it beautifully symbollic.

Hey guys, whucha think about these sketches I made for concepts of aqw armors?

Lunar Elf Assassin

Master Dragon Kai Swordsman

Shaister -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/15/2012 11:08:13)

@TRizZzCENTRINO The animations on your swords are amazing as always. I'm gonna have to agree with Lady Aliella here and say that you have an ED style going on, which I like very much.

@Assassin9891 Hah, I like how that turned out! It might just be because of the Tophat though. It could use some shading but I still think it looks great.

@Blackshock I really like both, however the Dragon Kai Swordsman is my favorite of the two. I love blindfolds and light armor mixed with cloth. :o

I uhh, don't have much to show because like... I've been lazy for a while now, but yesterday I made a Cape*

*Fun fact! I've never, ever made a cape before, so that was my first attempt at one. The shading is heavily inspired by Tomix though, because he's amazing at pretty much everything.

Blackshock -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/15/2012 22:17:31)

Lol, it's a lovely cap shaister. A bit narrow on the top, but I love how absolutely professional it looks. Think it could have a matching hood to go with it? [;)]


Finally tried flashing out my dragon kai armor by myself. It's my first actual attempt at flashing an AQW armor. Still haven't colored it in though :(

Dragon Kai Swordsman Flash Outline


Finally done with the colored version. I intend it to be fully CC with the outer coat being CC to base, Inner shirt and lower leggings to be CC to accessory and coat trim to be CC to trim XD

Dragon Kai Swordsman

Assassin9891 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/17/2012 10:24:37)

@ Shaister wow. I really like that cape. the sahding and the shape are both original, and the design is super effective!

@Blackshock That swordsman of yours is just... Amazing! love the design and the shading is simple. But REALLY effective!!! love it !

Crimson Assassin sword
Crimson Assassin
First cape i made
Crimson Assassin set

Was bored so i made these! Enjoy!

Rukia15 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/17/2012 11:47:36)

@Assassin9891 love it If It was in game CC would be useful :3 and cape is good animation too .... Yoou must suggest it O.O
I think about making event about muslim .....Eid / feast / let's say holiday ..... sorry about translation if you can't understand it .
I know that strange but I'd love to see it at least 1 time :3 because half of how plays the game are muslim .... Only disscuse :3 !

Shaister -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/19/2012 13:03:58)

@Blackshock That looks really good for being your first flashed AQW armor, I also really like the idea for it to be CC, it adds a bit more customization so you're not just stuck with one color scheme.

@Assassin9891 I can tell you're getting better already, the animation is a bit stiff on the movement but otherwise it looks great! Actually, funny story, you sort of remind me of myself when I was starting Flash too. :o

I've had some free time recently so I got around to doing a full armor that I really haven't had the time to make for a while now. I call it Royal Swordsman at least for now, until I change my mind like I usually do. I was debating whether I should use the red instead of another color like purple or blue but in the end I think this one turned better than the other two.

Lady Aliella -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/20/2012 22:22:20)

@blackshock Whoops, I gotta stop skimming xD Reki told me, and yeah I thought it was a wonderful representation of it T^T And the lunar elf assassin is pretty cool, I love the concept :D it's simple, and makes him look fast and deadly.

@Assassin I like the cape :O especially how it turns into wings! The little orb thingy that forms at the top is a nice touch ^^

@Shaister Whoa, that looks so cool. I love the golden accents and the sword in the back. Really fits the theme. Great job :)

PhArAdCo -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (9/29/2012 4:28:55)

@LL: That armor is so awesome. I wish it will be released. And if it is released it should just cost gold cuz i have no AC, LOL.

Speaking of armors, I wish there is an armor at the Doomwood Challenge Shop. A reward for players who unlocked the Reinforced badge. It should look like Arryd's armor and should have a set. I mean a Reinforcer's Cape, helm, etc.

Edit out the words that talks about suggesting a new class, suggestions of new classes are not be taken at all at the moment, thus, its not allowed to post suggestions of new classes, though you are allowed to think of new skills or alterations to skills for existing classes, here is a quote by Laos to show what I mean


*Please note; by skill suggestions we generically mean any type of 'skill'. But there is a line between suggesting skills and classes. Suggesting skills for classes of which you thought up yourself isn't allowed here. Suggesting new skills or alterations to skills for existing classes is allowed, however. If you wish to seek clarification on your suggestion before posting, please feel free to PM one of the AQW Suggestions Forum ArchKnights. -Laos

Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

Rjmouat -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (10/18/2012 8:54:38)

Assassin9891 your stuff looks cool if it gets in game I might buy them if I can! (plus if it gets in game they might make it shine! making them look EPIC!!!) any way nice job!

Had to take out your suggestion about converting member items to free player items since that suggestion is not allowed if you read =AQW= Frequently Suggested Ideas

Have an awesome day now

Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (10/23/2012 8:09:10)

@Trizzz The Vespi armor is pretty nice man, i like how it has that robotic bot feel although the shading is a bit to metallic for my taste.
@Black Shading needs some work but i like the design, was a good choice to give it a light armored robe combo.
@Shaister Pro cape man...nuff
@Assassin Not a bad start man, remember practice makes perfect. Try to give the armor more detail/depth and not so skin tight.

Finally got around to making a colored version of my apocalyptic themed sword....

End of Days-

Lord Coxy -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/3/2012 6:43:54)

I just want to remind people about this quote by Laos since there has been so many people that just suggest their suggestions without discussing about anyone else suggestions

I want to remind everyone this is a discussion thread and not a suggestion thread. Any suggestion you post here is for discussion purposes only.

Any suggestion made here not accompanied by criticism or feedback directed at someone else will be deleted.

Meaning if you want to discuss about your artwork or ideas, you MUST give back a comment to someone else artwork from either this thread or from the other AQW Suggestion Threads

Have an awesome day now

Chaos_Lord_Zayrus -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/12/2012 16:11:16)

@ LL wow!!! I love your armor, you make a real good work with it !
@ Zoshi Very interesting work! I will totally follow you now ^.^...
@ Reki Your ENDS OF DAYS Sword is a master piece :D!

Well.. here are my master pieces ;D:

Sword threat
( This is the animation version... )

And my favorite one!
The Hell's destroyer sword

Hope you like them! ^.^

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/12/2012 22:57:56)

@LL Amg awesome
@Zoshi Wow man you surpassed my shading style :O
@Reki Can't say anything but once its got detailed its gonna be epic
@Chaos Lord Zayrus O.O dat sword....Very detailed and amazing.

I had nothing to share :)

xLIAUSx -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/17/2012 1:15:51)

@Chaos Seriously amazing swords! really like them!
My fav is the red one!!

Hey this is my personal armor that my friend Major Wtf helped me computerize!
i am still editing it and what not! It is my design and everything and check my twitter for more updates
here is my twitter:
here is the armor:

TRizZzCENTRINO -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/27/2012 17:38:53)

@chaos_lord_zayrus your sword is detailed and looks interesting, it would look better if you can add some more glowing eyes and screaming skulls embedded in the sword.

here is my undead weapon for X-Mas: click here

Xeltonick -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/28/2012 7:40:40)

@Trizz very detailed indeed.Give it a candy cane look lul.

Dear santa
I want a christmas present

Yours Sincerely,

Arch Fiend -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (1/30/2013 16:07:44)

sence no ones really made a post in something like a month, ill try to revive this (if posable)

@Xeltonick: i really like your gun, havent seen many 2 handed ones in AE sence they pretty much started the gun thing theyre, though i think i saw 1 or 2 but i dont recall. your detail is exalent, hope it gets in.

so hiya, i recently submitted this piece " screams of the forgotten set" after keeping it in my harddive for who know how long xD year and a half? probably going to be my only submission now but you can tell me what you think either way :)

i also made some features suggestions a thead back (so they are now in the void) which id like to share but id need someone with the ability to see them now to quote them for me (AK's)

Reki -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (2/6/2013 14:20:16)

Well it seems this threads been rather dead so ill throw it a

Here is a scythe i had recently made for valentines day as well as a dagger version i did by request. What you guys/gals think?

Cruel Temptation-

The dagger version-

Oh and i forgot my most recent armor concept....

Adept Rogue-

@Xeltonick Personally i think the rifles you do are just to similar over all so it never stands out to me (i know you got upset last time i said that) but i like the color scheme a lot, i think its more ED fitted than AQW though.
@Arch Fiend Like i commented on your twitpic i think thats an awesome remake/combo of items...really catches that dead fallen warrior feel.

Edit out your message to the person that didn't follow the rules, like you were saying to that person about it ^_^

Have an awesome day now ~Lord Coxy

^haha thanks Coxy

Arch Fiend -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (2/7/2013 0:33:12)

aww i wanted post 100. oh well

@reki: thanks I was trying to capture the spirit of all the old AQW class and weapon designs that have been overshadowed by the whole "armor" function and no longer have as much "love" you could say. they are forgotten of sorts so this is they’re retribution.

dialga48 -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (2/15/2013 10:36:31)

Reki, i like the adept rogue a lot because it reminds me of smoke from mortal kombat.

here is my new suggestion:set of the hero!

armor of heroes
Description:The elders of battleon feared that a new evil will lurk in battleon in the future so they demanded a legendary blacksmith to craft the armor of heroes again.

sword of heroes
Description:This sword was used by the mighty heroes of battleon that defeated millions of undead skeleton warriors that the angels bestowed their power into the sword giving it light.

cape of heroes
Description:This cape was made after the heroes of the past generations defeated 5million red dragons and used the red dragons skin and angelic power to craft this cape.

I hope you like the set of the hero[:D]

Note:The color of the armor,sword and cape can be any color aqw forums moderator's wants it to be.(If they use the set in the game.)

Also, the heroes in the past generations were so powerful that they didn't need a helmet.

Removed Signature since Signatures aren't allowed in AQWorlds Suggestions, please don't do it again

Have an awesome day now ~Coxy

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