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XVivaDevilX -> Music (6/13/2012 7:24:02)

I Would Love For Epicduel To Put Music While Us Playing Or Even Make Noises For Example When The Zooka Hits The Person The Noise Comes , Know That It Would Become A Bit Lag But Epicduel Would Fix It Later On . The Good Thing Is That You Wont Get Bored , Or Need To Open A New Tab Because If You Do Then Epicduel Would Lag More . Music , Epicduel Could Sell Music To People For A Amount Of Credits Or Something Like That (200 Credits Per Song ) I Would Love For Epicduel To Do That Wish It Would Respond And Do That ;)[8D]

Lycus -> RE: Music (6/15/2012 7:51:05)

It's a brilliant idea, and it's something that over the past few years, as a team, we have discussed it a lot. However, creating sounds for everything is a lot of work, coding, making the sounds, and making sure they play at the right time. It also creates lag, which is a draw back, and as with almost all features, there are pros and cons with it.

Music, we would not be able to use any songs by famous artists, and produced by any one professionally, unless we purchased the rights to use their music, which is extremely expensive, and is certainly not an option. The only possibility is music made by us as staff, or using an artist who is already good friends of the lab staff, such as One Eyed Doll or Voltaire, but right now, the game does not have the support (coding wise), to use music. Again, it's a lot of work, and coding, which would in the end come out with a nice, versatile feature, but it would require a lot of time spent on it.

Thank you for the suggestion, it's something that we have discussed, and I'm sure we will discuss it further in the future!

Hatsuka -> RE: Music (6/15/2012 8:03:14)

Not Supported cause what just Lycus said

It also creates lag

Why would you make the game get even more lag

Lycus -> RE: Music (6/15/2012 8:06:21)

Something I would say about the whole lag thing, is that it would be possible to have it tied in with the 'Sound' option, so you could turn it off, if you really required :)

King Helios -> RE: Music (6/15/2012 10:10:40)

I play iTunes in the background.

Ranloth -> RE: Music (6/15/2012 11:03:09)

It's definitely possible, look at AQW simply, but as the game is now, I'd say it's too much since we cannot fully tackle lag yet as it is so this would be too much. I'd love to see music in-game someday - like cutscenes or certain areas - but only when it's possible and won't cause too much issues. :P

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