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Chosen 0ne -> Juggernaut board. Now (6/13/2012 12:18:52)

It's been far to long for daily faction juggernaut boards to come. My jugg faction is tired only seeing themselves on the daily, and we want our faction more noticed. We work hard and pull out like 600 jug wins a day.

Ranloth -> RE: Juggernaut board. Now (6/13/2012 12:25:51)

As far as I know, they will add Juggernaut Wins to the factions which means they will be on Leaderboards too. As of when, it's stated that it'll happen most likely during the war (unless Staff surprises us and pulls it sooner).

ansh0 -> RE: Juggernaut board. Now (6/13/2012 13:56:47)

I hope they count the jug wins we already did in our faction.

Or else my 1012 wins earned by pure hardwork(as a non var BH) would be trashed DX

I do love that they are now listening to us players :)

Chosen 0ne -> RE: Juggernaut board. Now (6/13/2012 14:02:57)

My factions been working their butts off for the past 3 days. I would love to see our work paying off.

Ranloth -> RE: Juggernaut board. Now (6/13/2012 15:37:14)

Since Juggernaut wins are being counted already and saved on the server, they will be counted in the Faction. (if not, a lot of players will ragequit..)

Guppy -> RE: Juggernaut board. Now (6/13/2012 18:41:10)

I'm sure your previous Juggernaut wins will be count, they wouldn't want to risk losing players over this.

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