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superjars -> Collaboration Registration (6/13/2012 21:59:07)

Welcome to the thread where you can register any collaboration that you are interested in doing and a Mod or AK will check it and approve it if it meets all of the rules.

As a reminder, you may only be part of a single collaboration at a time, and you must have your collaboration approved by a Mod or AK before you post your thread.

If the collaboration you are creating is a gallery, rather than a single collaborative work, you must still fill out a registration and be approved, but the actual gallery thread will go in the Art Galleries forum. Collaborative galleries do not count towards collaborative works in this forum, but towards your galleries in the Art Galleries forums.

Name of Collab:
Purpose of Collab:
Members of Collab:

[b]Name of Collab:[/b]
[b]Purpose of Collab:[/b]
[b]Members of Collab:[/b]

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