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Strifle -> Elemental Champions (6/14/2012 7:48:40)


This is the Epicduel faction Elemental Champions. We are level 1 Recruits and are looking for new recruits if you wish to join our faction please PM me. A note this faction is really new and i hope to take it really high. If you want to join the faction you must have a good win record i really don't care much about your level but probably should be at least level 15.

There aren't many rules to follow just:

-You must try to get atleast 100-150 influence a day, you can go higher for sure (its not a lot)
-Follow the regular rules of Epicduel
-Please stay active if you stop playing for over 10 days then you'll be kicked out
-If you're gonna donate any tokens do them at the one at infernal mines
-To get promoted to an officer get more influence than the officer with the least influence
-You can choose any officer title you would like, you just have to tell me

As i said before we are looking for new recruits that have a good win record, if you think you have a good win record and want to join us PM me. Our goal is to maybe one day win the faction solo battles with the help of all members. Also as a reminder this thread can also be used to discuss anything about our faction and anyone looking to make a comment please do it here. If you want to get recruited read the top part first then PM me for your chance. If you have any questions regarding our faction please talk to me or any other officer and we'd be willing to help in any way we can with you :)

Xion V -> RE: Elemental Champions (6/18/2012 18:47:25)


Wish I could still keep track of daily wins a player gets influence is kinda confusing me keep getting awed by how influence people get and I keep thinking its wins haha

I used to think the same thing x3

skydrite -> RE: Elemental Champions (8/4/2012 16:09:24)


We have made some changes to this forum and you can find the details here: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=20558846

Since you already have a thread here before the changes happened, I sent you a PM with information of what needs to be done in order to follow our new system. Once you have made the changes, your thread in the pending section will be deleted.

Strifle -> RE: Sworn Honor (10/26/2012 16:45:33)

Faction created! Date: February 9, 2013!

As of February 11, 2013 we are level 2 Initiates!

As of February 13, 2013 we are level 3 Militia!

As of February 17, 2013 we are level 4 Squad!

As of February 26, 2013 we are level 5 Enforcers!

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