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Seiyou -> Zombie Mecha C (6/17/2012 19:23:28)

Zombie Mecha C

Resistances: None
Enemy Type: Non-Equipable, Zombie
Default Special Abilities:
  • Non-Fire DoTs do not harm zombie! 10,000 turns.
  • Zombies don't run out of energy! 10,000 turns.
  • Zombie Toughness! small part of each hit of damage you do is "shrugged off", or removed (5 damage)

    Attack 1:
    Zombie leaps at you, then leaps away for 2 hits of damage.
  • Hit 1: Health Virus - HP DoT
  • Halts EP Regen and prevents EP Healing
    Attack Image: Attacking!

    Attack 2:
    Zombie stomps on the ground, then red skeletal hands rise up for 4 hits of damage.
  • Combo Hit! - After the 1st hit, +5 Boost and -5 Bonus per hit, stacking. (First hit is normal, second has +5% damage/-5% accuracy, third has +10% damage/-10% accuracy, ect.)
    Attack Image: Attacking!

    Image: Zombie Mecha C

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