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Xx. Christian .xX -> replay turn (6/19/2012 23:30:45)

I know all of you guys have been in this battle, when the other player runs away, and his the one you chose to kill, but then he runs away or got kicked out by the admin, this happened to me alot of times in juggernaut, and im really getting annoy by this, replay turn is a simple task, they will just give you back the turn that was wasted and you can re-use your aux, or anything that needs cooldown, that you used before the enemy runs away

codenamespartan117 -> RE: replay turn (6/20/2012 2:34:49)

Support, but this might be hard to implement

Lycus -> RE: replay turn (6/21/2012 6:23:36)

I do understand what you're saying, but do you not already get an advantage for the other player leaving? If one of your opponents leaves, then it's the equivalent of them dying, which is the best you could have hoped your attack to do anyway. It would be incredibly unfair to the person that has just had their partner leave, if you then got an extra turn to attack him, because his partner left. It wouldn't make any fairer, it would more likely make it more unfair for those who have just lost their partner.

I know that a lot of players get angry if their players leave in a juggernaut or 2v2 match, if then the opponent got another chance to choose their turn, so they can attack them, it would make the experience a lot more annoying. As said, the most you can hope for when attacking, is for the opponent to be killed, them being D/C'ed, kicked or other, gives you that, so it works in your advantage. It's not fair then on the player who has just (possibly, depending on the health his partner had), became disadvantaged, because they lost their partner, to have an attack instantly launched at them, when you wouldn't have aimed at them before.

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