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Blarney War 2012
Sure and Begorah, but I am sure we did this thing before-a...

Location: Blarney Portal Painting » 2012: Leppies are Magic!

Uncle Sham has called a secret meeting of the leprechaun nation...

«Scene: Uncle Sham enters a grassy, green areas filled with leprechauns.»

You may skip this cutscene at any time.

O'Meany: I've gathered the lads like ye requested, uncle.
Uncle Sham: Fine work m'boy. I've called the meeting, lads, 'cause it's the time o; the year those pesky tall-folk come lookin' to bash our skulls in and steal our goooooold!

«Scene shows a close-up of Uncle Sham's face steaming. He says,»

Steams my shillelagh just thinking about it!

«And then the Scene zooms out as he punches a nearby CyberChaun with a "POW!"»

Uncle Sham: Ahhh... I needed that.
O'Meany: *gulp* What be the plan to stop the tall-folk this year, uncle?
Uncle Sham: I've updated me gold machine. I discovered an ole recipe from me pappy that should produce enough gold, we'll be swimmin' in rivers of it!
Uncle Sham: It calls for blue diamonds, purple horseshoes, and one final magical ingredient-- the horn of a unicorn.
O'Meany: Wha... suppos'n we find one of those? They be a rare beast!
Uncle Sham: Aye, laddy, rare indeed. I know of a place, though. A lad of forever light with a golden castle...
Leprechauns: GOLD?!
Uncle Sham: I said gold-EN! Now shut your flappers and let me finish...
Uncle Sham: In this castle dwells a unicorn. So high, though, we would never hope to reach it with our wee legs.
O'Meany: What'll we do then? WE HAVE NO WINGS!
Uncle Sham: Our fastest travel is over a rainbow. We must make it rain there, then we will have our window o' opportunity, lads!
O'Meany: Rain?! Me thinks you have been meddling around lead too long.
Uncle Sham: Well, for that, lads, that's why I called you here. Leprechauns have been known since ancient times for dancing a jig, and if done with just a wee bit of leprechaun magic...
Uncle Sham: We can make it rain!
Uncle Sham: Mister Rumples!

«Mister Rumples, a leprechaun in a suit of Leprechaun Power Armor and holding a pair of drums, enters.»

Uncle Sham: Play a ditty for us to get our wee toes a-tappin'. We will make it rain over the land of light!

«Rumples bangs the drums and Uncle Sham starts to dance.»

Uncle Sham: Dance, lads! Dance!

«They all start to dance.»

Uncle Sham: Aye, lads, that's it! Time for Uncle Shammy to make it rain up in here!

«Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Rain descends upon the Lucian Peak on Paxia. Scene zooms in on Lucius overlooking the Scene.»

Lucius: Rain, here? What sort of witchery is this?
Lucius: Something is not right...

«The rain clouds depart and a rainbow forms over the castle. Scene then returns to the leprechauns, who have now stopped their dancing.»

Uncle Sham: Alright, lads, here's our chance!
O'Meany: Let's get that horn, and we'll have more gold than we can imagine!
Uncle Sham: No, no-- more gold than I can imagine!

«Scene fades. New Scene: The leprechauns have arrived on Paxia and confront Lucius.»

Lucius: Why have you little green monkeys come to my home?
Uncle Sham: Little gree...
Uncle Sham: Get 'em, boys!

«Scene shows the leprechauns assaulting Lucius. They and Lucius all fall in a heap. Uncle Sham then pulls the great pegacorn's horn out.»

Uncle Sham: C'mon, lads! Let's get this back before anyone starts meddling. With the final ingredient in me hands we will have the gooooold!

«Scene fades.»

The Leprechaun Nation is back for Round 4... or 5 maybe? This year Uncle Sham has taken the horn of the great Lucian. You have to stop him before he can use it in his latest money-making scheme!
  • To Battle!
  • Shelayleigh Weapon! - You now have a Shelayleigh! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Leprechaun Power Armor! - You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Explore Camp - Minimizes the war scroll and allows you to shoot leprechauns. Doing so provides a +.1% BTH bonus per Leprechaun hit (to a maximum of +20% BTH). This applies only to Ranged attacks, and only for the war.
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 4 potions on hand. Guardians may also click on the treasure chest to have Zorbak join them in battle (Zorbak will join you in battle!). Adventurers receive a different message (If you become a Guardian, Zorbak will join you in battle!).

    This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!
    You are now wearing a Leprechaun's top hat!
    Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
    Robina has joined!
    Click on Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
    Captain Rhubarb has joined!
    Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
    Warlic has joined!
    To Battle!

      2 BATTLES

    After 100% of the leprechauns were defeated...
      6 BATTLES
      Full Heal after every other battle
    «Scene: the green area from the beginning»

    «You»: Your armies have been defeated again, Sham! It's just you and me now. Give back the horn of Lucius and I'll let you scurry away!
    Uncle Sham: You have to be kiddi.... Blast you!
    Uncle Sham: This be me best plan yet and I'm not about to let some little scrapper ruin it!
    Uncle Sham: Want a piece o' ole Shammy do ya? Well I got something for you!

    «Sham's Power Au-rmour comes in»

    Uncle Sham: Me latest model. Now you will feel the sting of me bling!
    «You»: It'll take more than you in a skirt-wearing armor to defeat me, Sham!
    Uncle Sham: IT'S... A... KILT!
    «Lucius, now with his horn, enters with a treasure chest»

    Lucius: Thank you «You». I am forever grateful for your help in returning my horn.

  • Get War Reward!
  • Skip Reward / Already Have It
    Lucius: Pesky little creatures, they are. Wonder what scheme they will try next year.
  • I can't wait!

    Typo correction thanks to RedEyedDrake. Write up thanks to Archmagus Orodalf and In Media Res

    Monster List:
    O'Greeny (5)
    O'Teeny (5)
    O'Meany (10)
    Cyberchaun (10)
    Dragonchaun (10)
    Giant Cyberchaun (12)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (14)
    GO-LD Walker (15)
    O'Greeny (20)
    O'Beany (22)
    O'Meany (25)
    O'Teeny (25)
    Cyberchaun (25)
    Giant Cyberchaun (27)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (29)
    Dragonchaun (30)
    O'Greeny (35)
    GO-LD Walker (35)
    O'Meany (40)
    Cyberchaun (40)
    Giant Cyberchaun (42)
    O'Teeny (45)
    O'Greeny (50)
    Dragonchaun (50)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (52)
    O'Meany (55)
    Cyberchaun (55)
    GO-LD Walker (55)
    Giant Cyberchaun (57)
    O'Greeny (65)
    O'Teeny (65)
    O'Beany (67)
    O'Meany (70)
    Cyberchaun (70)
    Dragonchaun (70)
    Giant Cyberchaun (72)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (74)
    GO-LD Walker (75)
    O'Greeny (80)
    O'Meany (85)
    O'Teeny (85)
    Cyberchaun (85)
    Giant Cyberchaun (87)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (89)
    Dragonchaun (90)
    O'Greeny (95)
    GO-LD Walker (95)
    O'Meany (100)
    Cyberchaun (100)
    Giant Cyberchaun (102)
    O'Teeny (105)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (109)
    O'Greeny (110)
    Dragonchaun (110)
    O'Meany (115)
    Cyberchaun (115)
    GO-LD Walker (115)
    Giant Cyberchaun (117)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (124)
    O'Greeny (125)
    O'Teeny (125)
    O'Meany (130)
    Cyberchaun (130)
    Dragonchaun (130)
    Giant Cyberchaun (132)
    GO-LD Walker (135)
    O'Greeny (140)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (144)
    O'Meany (145)
    O'Teeny (145)
    Cyberchaun (145)
    Giant Cyberchaun (147)
    GO-LD Walker (150)
    Dragonchaun (150)

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